Ogbonnaya Onu
Ogbonnaya Onu

Youths are the greatest treasure and asset of Nigeria – Ogbonnaya Onu

NEWS DIGEST – A presidential aspirant, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu has said the greatest asset Nigeria has as a nation is her youth.

Ogbonnaya, who wants to be the presidential flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress (APC), said this in Abuja in a presidential declaration.

According to Dr Onu, ”The young people of Nigeria, are the greatest asset and treasure that the nation has.

”Young people, are the most valuable treasure of the nation, they are more valuable than our crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver and other minerals put together.

“I know that what is needed is to provide our young people with the necessary skills to transform our dear nation for the benefit of the world.

“I also know that it is science, technology and innovation that can provide these skills that are badly needed. The “EndSARS” protests have shown one of the dangers of not providing these skills.”