Uju Onwudiwe
Uju Onwudiwe

Women can lead Nigeria – Onwudiwe

NEWS DIGEST – Hon. Uju Onwudiwe, a representative of Njaba constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, has called on women in politics to contest leadership positions in the 2023 general elections.

Mrs Onwudiwe said she was concerned about women participation in politics, a problem she added has impacted the inclusion of women in governance.

According to the lawmaker in her statement on Monday, women have more potentials than men due to their natural steadfast heart and considerate mode for handling issues.

Hon. Onwudiwe was the chief sponsor of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition bill (VAPP) 2021 into law in Imo State despite strong resistance and hindrance.

The bill heralds the establishment of a protected referral centre for survivors to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse and address all kinds of domestic violence between men and women in Imo State.

“We as women need to realize our many potentials in Nation building and development,” she said.

“Women have all it takes to lead Nigeria and we must unite to achieve this goal because it is obvious that women are essential in the basic institution—Family,” she added.

Hon. Onwudiwe is also one of two female lawmakers at the Imo State assembly and she believes that if women gather support for women contesting leadership positions, the dismal figures would definitely improve.

Hon. Onwudiwe believes women numerical advantage over men can help fix women in leadership positions  should they come out in numbers to support each other.

“Women should support women,” the lawmaker said. “Let women vote for women because we have the numbers.”