Woman who married herself considers divorce after 24 hours

NEWS DIGEST – A woman who allegedly married herself has instigated divorce proceedings after spending just one day in her own company.

Sofi Maure first announced the move back in February, alongside photos of herself in a long white veil and gold tiara.

The 25-year-old, who has over 500,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram, revealed that she had bought a wedding dress and baked a cake to celebrate the big day.

“Today, in the most spurious moments of my life, I bought a wedding dress and cooked a wedding cake to marry myself,” she said.

Social media users had strong thoughts about her decision with some supporting Sofi, while others said the whole thing was for “attention”.

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“Everything for a tweet and attention,” said Enzo.

“No good, it’s a lot,” said Cande.

Someone else said: “It could easily be me, congratulations on the beautiful marriage.”

Mia suggested she would like to follow suit, saying: “If I had the money I would.”

Shari said: “It looks beautiful on you, amicha, and whoever says otherwise is a terrible lizard.”

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