Vox-Pop: Should ASUU or the Government be blamed for the unceasing strikes?

NEWS DIGEST – Since it was announced that the academic strike, first declared on February 14, could well persist until August, Nigerian students have taken to protests as a weapon to save themselves from this nadir of savagery.

In this Vox Pop, Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed tells the tales of Nigerian students and business owners on campus, both of whom bear the burden left unturned by the strike.

Omoboriowo Sodeeq — 100 lvl, Bayero University, Kano
“What I will tell you is this: this country is a mess! From my own perspective, both the Federal Government and ASUU are at fault. The strike is not the only way to influence as we were taught in Government back then in secondary school. I don’t know what to add again, this strike extension sucks my brain!”

Sodeeq, a 100-Level student of Bayero University, Kano State, said the strike was declared a day before his first semester examinations were scheduled to begin.

Olori “Success” Tajudeen — Business owner, University of Ilorin
“The strike is a thing of doom for me, my online business has been down since. It’s the students’ money that I’m eating but how that strike is on, my shop is even dry and plain as you can see. It is hard for me to feed myself daily how, I’ll blame the Federal Government of Buhari. If they pay the Lecturers’ salaries, they will return to school.”

Mr. Olori Tajudeen owns Success Computer Services, an SME located in the University of Ilorin.

Charity Abershi, 400 lvl, Taraba State University
“I feel that these people don’t have us in mind, they don’t care about our future, they don’t care how we tend to waste food stuffs, house rent and other valuables almost every year. One painful part of it all is that their wards are not in any of these public universities so that makes them comfortable anytime they embark on this strike!

“I feel pain that almost every year, we will have to go back to our parents house and stay like hopeless characters who don’t know their right from left. Sir, I am speaking with a bitter heart now because I might not graduate next year if they proceed with their plans of the strike extension…”

“FG are to blame because they have allowed greed to take hold of them, they have more than enough money to settle this association once and for all but no! They wouldn’t do that because they feel these people don’t deserve it.

“ASUU on their part are also greedy and selfish because of their refusal to implement the IPPIS which will aid others who come into the system as well. How can a person who is having just a master degree lecture in four to five universities? And others are out there seeking to get even one, they don’t get it because only one person has taken up five persons’ space.”

Iya Zeenat, business owner, Usman Danfodiyo University
Iya Zeenat, who sells yoruba dishes at the Usman Danfodiyo University told the NewsDigest that the death of Deborah, stoned to death in Sokoto on account of blasphemy, has made worse her sales which had already being hurt by the ASUU strike.

“Only the stubborn boys” are in school now, she said, adding there is hardly anyone to patronize her in school.

Isah Kakanda, 200lvl, Ahmadu Bello University
“I can’t really pen down how I feel about being at home as a result of the ASUU strike. It’s simply frustrating and depressing. Well, on the matter of ASUU strike, while they both have contributed to this strike, the case is really beyond them. I believe our inability to solve the ASUU puzzle has something to do with our public universities operating on a faulty system.”

Isaq, a Geology student, said he would have been in his third year but for the unceasing strikes.

Aweribo J. Ebiapadei, Niger Delta University
“It is heart-rending that the ASUU strike still wishes to be further extended. Already, Students have wasted a flesh of the year. The time wasted obviously cannot be recovered. I wish my family could afford a better educational environment for me outside Nigeria. Without mincing words, Nigerian students are highly disappointed and heartbroken over this acclaimed fiscal ineptness of Government. Pragmatically, Federal Government gets the blame, it keeps breaching the agreements.”

Aweribo studies Law at the Niger Delta University.

Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed is a campus journalist with News Digest Nigeria and he studies Law at Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto State.

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