The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority reported that it seized 9,370 vehicles between January 2024 and June 2024 due to suspected traffic violations.

The number was provided in a Sunday interview in Lagos with the News Agency of Nigeria by Mr. Olalekan Bakare-Ok, General Manager of LASTMA. 3,034 private vehicles were seized, according to Bakare-Oki. Among them were 636 sport utility vehicles, 1,849 sedans, and 549 buses.

He claims that during the time, 256 casualties were reported.

The LASTMA boss advised the public to obey all traffic rules and regulations and respect traffic managers.

He said, “In the last six months, it has been the good, bad and ugly, but so far, we have been able to surmount many challenges especially when it comes to training and retraining drive.

“We have been able to train 2,000 of our staff, both internally and externally.

“We started with external training. We had a collaboration with the training department of the Nigerian Police, Lagos Command, and we were able to train over 900.”

Bakare-Oki added that the authority collaborated with “our three consultants on leadership skills, emotional intelligence, customer care, and incidents management.

We are doing all these so that we can improve on service delivery to Lagos residents,” noting that the LASTMA intends to “rebuild public confidence, especially in the area of public relations.”

The head of LASTMA announced that the organization’s call center would open in the near future. It would be free of charge, offer support for Yoruba, English, and Pidgin, and allow LASTMA to receive comments.

In terms of enforcement, Bakare-Oki stated that the LASTMA got underway with the clearing of the Apapa Port, wherein a number of operations were completed, including as the removal of trucks and tankers that had been carelessly placed along the Apapa route.

“Apart from the Apapa corridor and even Iyana-Ipaja, we were on the island. We entered Idumota, Apogbon, CMS and other areas, and we cleared the stretch of the Lekki-Ajah axis.

“ We were able to improve certain levels of sanity around the axis. Cumulatively, we have been able to touch the five divisions in Lagos in terms of enforcement, and this is continuous.

“We are bent on improving the travel time for Lagos residents, especially during the peak period,” he said.

Bakare-Oki stated that LASTMA had deployed more than 2,000 traffic devices and was making every effort to enhance traffic management in the state.