Uche Ogah
Uche Ogah

Uche Ogah’s court victory, hand of God and his people oriented mission for Abia State

NEWS DIGEST – The recent court ruling on the second week of November, 2022 declaring Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah as the rightful governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress for Abia State 2023, is a clear manifestation of both the hand of God and Judiciary as last hope of the common man.

The ruling did not come to the people as a surprise as it was long anticipated by majority of the good people of Abia State, who had been praying for the emergence of this man of the people with a golden heart.

The declaration was celebrated in worship places, market and village squares as well as every youth collectivity in the state. The people simply went agog with celebration as soon as the news was made public.

Having gone through the crucibles from private sector to the public sector of the various areas of human endevours, both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria through training and retrainings on the nitty-gritty of politics and human management, and having moved from one position to another including a serving Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, occasioned by professional ethos and self discipline, Uche Ogah painstakingly built himself academically, morally, mentally, professionally and otherwise through patience, mental decorum and equanimity for the great National Assignment ahead.

By dint of hard work, resilience, focus, implicit faith in God Almighty etc, he was able to overcome excruciating challenges to carve a niche for himself as a man of means and substance. Today, the over the years painstaking efforts borne out of self-discipline and rugged determination has blossomed to the attention of the whole world.

It is said that character is like smoke and you cannot hide it for too long. The exceptional leadership traits, team spirit and sterling leadership qualities which Uche Ogah exhibited as the Captain of industries and Chief Executive Officer of several top management concerns within a short space of time must be the magic wand and brains behind his exploits and general acceptance as man of the people loved by an average Abians irrespective of political or religious leanings.

As the race for Government House Umuahia 2023 hots up in Abia state, the time is ripe for true sober reflection, a moment of accountability and records. It is time to tell the people your true love for them using a blow by blow account of your past records as your score card. It is said that if you achieve nothing, you will be able to lay claim to noting when history (the people) shall confront you demanding a blow by blow account of your stewardship while in position of authority.

A man’s pedigree determines his profile. It is this profile containing your records, pedigree and antecedent that the people will use as a mirror for your person as a political contender. Politics is record, show the people your records using your over the years pedigree.

His human face and professional approach to leadership as well as his welfarist instinct since his years of services in human management and politics has given rise to the infrastructural and human capital development as well as quality development and emancipation of youths in Abia State and beyond, a rare and motivational super trait that has fully endeared him to the people of the state especially the youths.

Of all the positive attributes of Uche Ogah, one unique quality outside his intelligence, team spirit, carriage, humility and fair mindedness is his detribalized approach to leadership. He relates to people no matter who you are with human candour and not on tribal or religious sentiment. He is one of the most detribalized Nigerians in leadership position today. He does not consider class or status in his relationship with anybody.

As the race hots up among the political gladiators, we must definitely have the jokers, the players, the real contenders, the gladiators, the game spoilers and the people oriented players who come to equity with clean hands.

It is time for Abians to throw political, clannish, emotional and personal sentiments to the wind and thoroughly winnow the seeds from the chaff in order not to repeat the same mistakes. Having been on the driver’s seat, piloting the affairs of men and materials in various high level management capacities, Uche Ogah exhudes a leadership aura that is both irresistible and arresting at once.

Yet his humility is so pervasive that one can almost touch it. Beyond the fact that he is a success story in the private and public sector, he is also vivacious with an outstanding leadership mien. Unfortunately since 1999 till date, infrastructural development in Abia has suffered untold backwardness in the highly revered God’s Own State due to leadership pattern and primitive accumulation of state wealth and excess acquisition instinct becomes the order of the day in successive governments.

Like I have opined before in some of my analysis, if half the size of revelation and public knowledge under EFCC probe of Abia resources in private hands of her past leaders is invested into development and social amenities, a place like Aba, Enyimba City will transform to current Singapore of Nigeria in line with the original master plan of the founding fathers.

The US consulting firm Arthur D. Little brought by the founding fathers to plan the region had earmarked Aba for light industries and Umuahia for bio technology to give the state an industrial corridor and create a massive industrial conurbation that will place Abia on a very high business and industrial pedestals. But all were truncated by successive governments of the state. It is only a visionary and energetic leader like Uche Ogah that can change the narrative and restore the lost glory of Abia State. By experience, Uche Ogah is standing very tall among his contemporaries for the governorship of Abia State.

He was almost at the verge of being sworn-in in the last election but God’s time is the best for him. Even at that, he played cool and decided to patiently wait for the right time to serve the good people of Abia State. In fairness the time is now.

A first encounter with Uche Ogah simply informs you that he is a man of very great intellectual fibre and sterner human refinement yet simple and humble to a fault. The self-imposed perfectionist credo and braggadocio characteristics of some privileged Nigerians of his status and even far less the status is entirely absent in his human relation. He treats you like a fellow human being and a brother irrespective of your tribe, religion or affiliation.

His attitude to life is grandiose and his professional touch grandiloquent with very calm and humane public relation. In youth development, Uche Ogah is second to none in the state.

In empowerment, he stands very tallest. In infrastructural development of his immediate constituency of the state, even with his personal resources, he remains the best. In spite of his billionaire status as an investor, his humility and calmness of spirit is so loud that you cannot even hear his voice. He is accessible and very public and masses oriented in both looks and actions. This is the type of leader Abia people need at this time.

His intellectual gait and sound academic prowls were also further tools for his quality performance. It is on record that he is a Ph.D holder and other professional trainings and qualifications acquired both at home and internationally. Hence he is not a green horn but intellectually sound enough to carry the job to the next level. Little wonder in the year 1908, during his famous Balfour declaration, A.J. Balfour said and I quote him “Social progress demands a succession of men and women of more than average intelligence in all leading positions, and all actions must be initiated and affected by them.”

Dr Uche Ogah is a man of more than average intelligence. Hence he has brought his quantum of knowledge and experiences to bare, with a resounding output on all the leadership positions occupied so far.

In social amenities for his people, his records are larger than life. Uche Ogah in my candid personal opinion is one of the most development conscious and people oriented characters in recent time in Nigeria and Abia State is lucky and highly privileged to have him as a son.

My very attraction like most rational and constructive thinkers to this great man will help to draw the historical into fictive, the man into the character and the person into the persona. Uche Ogah in stricto sensu is an embodiment of service to humanity and cannot be denied.

He is a child of destiny that was born in a manger, fed with stick spoon but by dint of hard work, Grace, focus, rugged determination, resilience and implicit faith in the Almighty God, he was able to surmount the scourge of poverty and is today a global icon in the business and political world having made his success story in the banking sector where he started his life career.

He later triumphed into his business conglomerate where also he made his success story in the oil and gas industry as a business mogul before his quest to serve his people spurred him into politics.

The jumbo corruption witnessed in past and present governance in various political spheres in Nigeria cannot be unconnected with the poverty background factor of a lot of politicians before coming into governance and leadership positions.

Such people see office like a helpless ant that suddenly finds itself in a jar of sugar and made criminal and excess acquisition instinct their watch word instead of the primary duty of service to the people. Having seen wealth, tears and joy of life, and having seen it all in both private and public sector as well as in global business, Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah is not the type of leader that will make primitive acquisition of wealth his priority in governance.

He has wealth, his primary mission in politics is service to humanity and the people. Age is very much on his side, a young successful entrepreneur in his 50s and a very successful family man who has excelled in every aspect of life is the type of Governor the people of Abia State should be craving for at this time of their political life.

It was American politician and writer, William Clay who served in congress for 32 years that said, “This is quite a game, politics. There are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends, only permanent interests.” With all that Abia people have seen and gone through in governance before now, this is the right time to embrace one another, bury the hatchet and choose wisely. People who do not learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat it.

When Martin Luther King (Jnr.) was asked what he would be remembered for after his death, he summed it up in three short sentences and said “Tell them I tried to feed the hungry. Tell them I tried to cloth the naked. Tell them I tried to help somebody.” From his dancing steps, body language and melody of political songs so far, this rare gift to Abia State clearly falls within the mental picture Luther King was painting and that is exactly what the state and its citizenry yearn for at this time.

Lastly, as famous Ali Bhutto would say, “My time shall pass, your time shall pass, but the record of our works shall never pass.” So far, the work of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah in youth development, human capacity building, infrastructural development, aggressive transformation of lives of the lessprivileged in Abia State as well as people oriented and mass-driven programmes and projects speak volumes of what is to come if in government house Umuahia come 2023.

Chris Aja, Author & Public Affairs Analyst Wrote in from Abuja. You can reach him: [email protected]

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