Top 10 finalists on Voice2Rep 2021 competition

NEWS DIGEST – The Voice2Rep is a first of its kind music competition searching for young music artists who support greater representation, participation and accountability across Nigeria. It gives these rising stars a platform to make their voices heard, connect with socially-conscious leaders in the music industry, and build the skills they need to shape the future of the country through music.

With the #Voice2Rep is run by Accountability Lab Nigeria in partnership with the Dutch Embassy and Luminate group. The top 10 finalists for this year’s edition have been selected through a very rigorous process as the quality of entries received this year was enormous. Check out the talented crop of artists who made it to the top 10 and the reason they are participating in the competition.

Glory Oladipo hails from Osun state, from a happy family of three based in the Federal Capital Territory. She is 19 years old and loves to sing; music is the only thing that gives life meaning. It’s that one thing she can’t do without that gives her fulfillment, when it comes to music she has no doubt it and the far reaching effect of a voice from a recording booth keeps her inspired to speak more and loudly on issues faced in her society. So basically that’s all there is to Glory, She’s just a very simple little girl who loves to sing, sing and sing

She says “I want to lend my voice to the voiceless I want to be able to speak to the heart of everyone that listens to my music, consciously embedding value in every lyric.”

Ogechi Iteogu hails from Abia state in Nigeria and has been resident in Lagos State since birth. A university graduate of accounting; Ihcego (stage name) has made a living in creative writing and content creation, since concluding tertiary education. The singer’s prowess spreads across deep songwriting and passion filled deliveries sponsored by vocal prowess. Ihcego is partly influenced by renowned Nigerian musician Asa and paints her genre as ‘Different’ whilst labeling her brand as a hub of versatility. She hopes to be consistent in orchestrating impactful and timeless music. As well as, join hands with other female artistes like herself, aiming for numeric gender balance in the industry.

She says “The law has failed to protect our human rights as it should. Still, it remains in our possession so I enforce mine with creative art till changes are evoked. Music has the power to go places I may not, it’s important for me to use it to speak truth, strength and hope to everyone who listens.”

Gideon Peters aka Gidzeey is a talented rapper and creative songwriter who makes socially conscious rap music advocating for a better world free of issues ranging from Police brutality, Drug Abuse, Rape, Racial and Gender discrimination.

He has released a couple of songs to pass across also the message of communal peace and how to manage waste in the society all in a bid to influence the minds of the youths and upcoming generation for the betterment of the world.

He says “It takes only one man to change the world, I feel I am that man and music is my tool in this journey of bringing about social change in my country.”

Enoch Neequaye aka Young Nik is a singer/song writer and a rapper. He was born in Nigeria, parents are Ghanaian. He fell in love with music when he was 10 years from his church choir days, grew up, decided to do music for a living. Young Nik likes making conscious, uplifting and ginger music fused into Afrobeats, Pop, Rnb and Hip pop. He dreams every night of becoming one of the best music creators in Africa and believes in due time people will get to see what he has to offer as a creative.

He says “Everybody has got a role to play in this world for us to be each other’s keeper so many things happening require people to do what they can to have a say in these issues. My power is music and music itself has power over people so I believe in making positive and enlightening music on sensitive issues, especially pertaining to human rights violations.”

Ann Nankling Damar (professionally known as Annie Daymar) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and fashion designer born in the city of Jos, Plateau State. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Jos, Nigeria. Her music is inspired by God, love and the happenings in her surroundings. The sensational singer loves music, as it is the best way to express herself in times when words fail. Her dream is to create music that will cause positive change all around the world.

She says “I want to bury in every rhythm the truths unsaid, to be the channel for the voices of my people unheard.”

George Bosso: Born in Kaduna on the 1st of April 1994 into a family of six Children as the fifth child, George Bosso is a rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer presently residing in Abuja. The rapper has been active in music since his childhood days in church but decided to switch to rap as his major genre of expression owing to the fact that he grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop heads – the likes of DMX, Sisquo, 2pac, etc. After doing poetry for a while, he settled on rap after listening to MI Abaga’s first album, “Talk about it”. He has stated his major music influence M.I, Six foot plus, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo and a host of others.

He says “Swimming with the tide is the status quo but true change shows up when we decide to go against the tide, in a time when the tide goes against order, #voice2rep is giving me a chance to swim against the tide with my music and for that I’m grateful.”

Oyewo Abimbola Josephine popularly known as “Herbeembola” born on June 06, 1996 in Lagos State is the first amongst four kids with a lovely father and mother. Since her birth, Herbeembola developed natural interest in music with her mother being a music person. This propelled her to joining the church choir at a younger age, backing up and further growing to a lead vocal. In her tertiary education days, she joined different musical groups, singing to every ear that is willing to listen and entertaining people at different events and occasion. After growing rapidly over the years, Herbeembola recorded her first single titled “Tinini” and same was released in the month of March 2021 with the song being aired for the first time during her unveiling in Jos titled “My Sound” before being disseminated across all available musical platforms. With time being on her side, Herbeembola is working to becoming an icon in music both locally and worldwide.

She says “Everyone deserves the right to air their opinion; everyone deserves the right to speak freely; everyone deserves the right to live; no one should be restricted from respectfully sharing their beliefs and standing by them. With this in mind, it’s a big world out there with everyone holding the right to make the best out of it, with my music being used as a tool to drive same accordingly.”

Nneka chimeucheya Ngwe known as Neky, is a singer, song writer, presenter, aspiring actor and an Aviator (Nigerian aviation handling company). She hails from Ohaozara LGA in Ebonyi State. Graduated from Caritas University where she studied Mass Communication.

She hopes to keep lending her voice, the women that feels no one will understand her, that man that has so much hanging on a balance giving him sleepless night that orphaned child with no love or attention but yet dreams…. Who will speak for them? I have nothing to lose but more to gain when I speak.

She says “I believe African men and women should be allowed to attain their truest and deepest expressions, no one should ever live a lie.”

Haye frama is popularly known with the alter ego “Yaji”. His fans call him Mr Yaji because he is spicy with the music he cooks and you’ll get stuck once you have a taste. He is a Jos, Plateau state grown rapper and singer, graduate of architecture and entrepreneur.

Haye’s music is majorly a fusion of rap and/but not limited to that afro vibe. Back in 2015, Haye dropped a banging hit song titled “hand of God” and it has been a ground shaker raising him to fame. He has released other singles that are banging as well and recently published his debut album on the 6th of March 2021 titled, “I AM YAJI”. The charms from such skilled ambidextrous display of lyrical prowess and vibes have been totally irresistible. The album is available in digital stores for your consumption.

Haye Frama has won talent hunts, best cypher awards, best song writer awards and still has much under his sleeves. He is the next big thing so better watch out for the “hand of God” crooner, Haye Frama #MrYaji

He says “I belong to an oppressed people, a marginalized and deprived people. My job is to lend my voice to challenge and expose the evils of the oppressor, and also to educate, encourage and challenge the oppressed. Mankind must be free.” Selah!

Ugochukwu festus Okoye aka “Mufo De Talker “ is an emerging hip hop/afro pop artist with over 20 recorded audio songs over 15 releases in all streaming platforms including “police is ur fri…end” which was aired on Inspiration FM; also has had one unreleased music video. Mufo De Talker is Igbo by tribe from Anambra State, he is Godly not religious though a hard working result oriented Nigerian, a love advocate “I love to love” and he is so passionate about art and culture. Bad governance has been one common factor affecting him and his immediate society negatively, in 2013, he lost his dad in a government hospital in Abuja due to poor facilities and poor doctors and this fueled his passion and led him into making conscious music.

He says “Made men never made mistakes, mistakes made them. I learnt that there’s nothing scarier than fear itself. I want my voice to be a source of courage to the weaker youths, to help them stand up against bad governance.”

These artists would go on form a create a compilation album which would feature all ten artists with a song each and the top 3 finalists with two songs. In the coming weeks the album would be released and made available to the public across all streaming platforms. Watch out for it.


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