Over Two Thirds of Africans exposed to COVID-19 – WHO Study suggests

NEWS DIGEST – The Word Health Organisation, WHO has conducted a study which suggests that more than two-thirds of all Africans have been exposed to the Coronavirus.

This finding was revealed in a preliminary study conducted by the World Health Organization and currently under peer review.

According to the study, it reveals that up to 65% of Africans have been infected by SARS CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19. It also finds that true infections on Africa Continent were 97 times higher than the reported confirmed cases.

Tracking the transmission, the study also indicates that the exposure to the virus rose sharply following the emergence of the Beta and Delta variants.

Speaking at a press conference, the World Health Organisation’s Regional Director for Africa, Dr. Matshido Moeti disclosed that, “This new insight into the evaluation of the pandemic in Africa produced following analysis of more than 150 studies published between January 2020 and December last year, which showed how exposure to the COVID-19 skyrocketed from just 3% in June 2020, to 650 % by September the following year.

“This analysis shows that current reported COVID-19 confirmed cases are only a fraction of the actual number of infections on the Continent.

“This under-counting is occurring worldwide and it’s no surprise that the numbers are particularly large in Africa where there are so many cases with no symptoms.

“There have been 11.5 million COVID-19 cases and 252,000 lives sadly lost in Africa due to the pandemic. While new cases and deaths continue to decline across the Continent.

Fresh analysis conducted by WHO reveals that available data is likely only scratching the surface of the real extent of Coronavirus infections in Africa.