The JAPAdemic, by Precious Dunji

NEWS DIGEST – It is no news that the majority of the youths in Nigeria today are fleeing the Country.

For months young Nigerians have been leaving the country’s new seeking ‘greener pastures’ in other countries, like Canada, Uk, Sweden, Ireland and so many other countries. Applying for a visa to travel has become more tedious than ever, from the unexpected queues at the embassies to the overcrowded airport terminals.

Who can blame them really? Kidnapping in the country is at an all time high, inflation is eating deep into the pockets of the masses, The economy is gradually crashing and to top it up ASUU has been on Strike for 8 good months, Anyone will be tired.

The burning question is “is leaving really the best option?”. Everyone has a different opinion to this, some people will say “if we all leave then who will fix the country?”, some will say “even if you leave, you still have family here, so do you expect the country to burn with them in it?”, while others will say “leave if you have the capacity to, there’s nothing left in this country”.

Every person is driven by their experiences, so you can’t exactly blame them for their responses. At this point everyone in Nigeria either knows someone that has left the country, or someone that is actively planning to leave.

Most times people see leaving as an escape plan, after all ‘japa’ is Yoruba for ‘Run’ or ‘Escape’. No one knows if leaving the country is the best decision, but they take the risk anyway. The Educational route has been the most explored so far, it has proven to be more fruitful.

Many Nigerians have also actively gone into the international job hunting era. Because the dollar to Naira rate is as wide as an ‘El-Rufai bus’, they have decided that it will be more lucrative if they sort for jobs outside of the country.

One piece of advice for the youths leaving the country, if you must leave, please do so LEGALLY, do not leave and make life more difficult for yourself.


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