With Super Tucano jets, terrorism will soon end in Nigeria – Official

NEWS DIGEST – The Super Tucano fighter jets ordered by Nigeria from the US will help in the fight against terrorism and other security challenges in the country, Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said.

The Permanent Secretary, Gabriel Aduda, told newsmen in New York on Monday that the purchase of the war jets came with some bilateral agreements.

He said the purchase “also came with training. The transaction goes beyond buying the jets; our engagement with the US is very cordial at this point.

“The state of security cooperation with the US is absolutely cordial. Remember that the security of the region matters a lot, especially for a country like Nigeria.’’

President Muhammadu Buhari had placed an order for 12 Super Tucano fighter jets after extensive discussions with the US government.

The Nigerian Air Force last Thursday took delivery of the first batch of six jets from the US.

Apart from security challenges, Mr Aduda said Nigeria was also dealing with political diplomacy, economic diplomacy and cultural diplomacy.

“The truth of the matter is that there is no country in the world that does not have security challenges, it is the level to which the issues are that made it different.

“Even when we are talking about political diplomacy, we are looking at all the issues, seeking the support that we need because it is only a fool that will see his house burning and will be pointing from afar.

“It is only a fool that will not do anything or will not seek help to put out the fire.

“The Nigeria Government is doing what it can to partner with relevant nations that have extended hands of fellowship to us so that we will can deal with the security challenges,’’ he said.