Students Protest “Heinous” Acceptance Fee in University of Ibadan

NEWS DIGEST – The University of Ibadan grows rife with students displeased with the quoted sum of N37,500 they are being asked to pay as their acceptance fee.

Newly admitted students in the University of Ibadan have formed a coalition to protest this development and ensure that the fee, deemed heinous, is reversed.

“We have secured our admissions by due process, and henceforth see no need to pay such a heinous fee to continue with the process, understanding that it is a payment for an unfound service,” the coalition said in a press statement.

The coalition said they couldn’t accept to be a victim of a situation that has forced Nigerian tertiary universities to seek creative ways to augment funding from the Federal Government.

“We understand that there is an underfunding of tertiary institutions by the government and we condemn this,” they said.

“Rather than levying an increased acceptance fee on newly admitted students, we hereby advice the University of Ibadan to channel more efforts in getting the University to be funded by the Federal Government,” they added.

The spokesperson of the coalition, Babatimehin Peace, told the News Digest that they now expect the school management to reverse its pronouncement.

“Thirty seven thousand and five hundred naira is quite an amount for a purposeless fee,” Babatimehin said. “They should scrap out paying of an acceptance fee, and refund those who have already paid.”

The Education Rights Campaign has also thrown its weight behind the students, faulting the fee and the purpose for which it was meant.

“After the enormous payment of several amount of money by the student ranging from JAMB fee and Post-UTME fee among others, yet the management demands an unexplainable fee termed acceptance fee on the student,” said Ben Taffe, Coordinator of the Unibadan Chapter.

Ben, a student of Unibadan, calls on the university management to detail an accurate account of the acceptance fee it has received in the past 10 years.

“In essence, without the analysis of the acceptance fee, then we shouldn’t be talking of the increment but the abolishment of the fee because the fee is not necessary in which ever form it may be seen,” Ben said.

The protestation of Unibadan’s acceptance fee by students calls to account the payment of acceptance fee across all Nigerian tertiary institutions. Ben says the demands of the students should not be “restricted to the University of Ibadan campus alone.”

In April, the House of Representatives questioned the significance and the amount quoted by Nigerian universities, polytechnics and other tertiary institutions as their acceptance fee.

Chairman of the House Committee on Basic Education, Prof Julius Ihonybere, said the fee constituted an impediment to the smooth process of admission into universities and a “matter of great concern to many families.”