Short Stories: Insecurities, By Zainab Ameer

NEWS DIGEST – Standing in front of the mirror was the eight years old girl with a wide smile on her face and you could see the excitement in her eyes, she absolutely loves new things and she got her Sallah cloth today. She twirled and laughed she looked beautiful she thought. Then she left in a hurry to show them, ‘how do I look?’ she asked.

They stared in absolute silence, they appear to be thinking. ‘What seems to be wrong?’ they thought aloud and her smile vanished, they thought something was wrong? but what was it? She looked at herself some more, maybe she was missing something.

‘I think it’s her skin colour, it just isn’t right, she is too dark no colour suits her.’

‘No I think it’s just that she is too thin and tall, her body has no shape. If she could have been less skinny. She just looks like an umbrella.’

‘Look at her eyes they are so big, maybe that is why she looks so dull, and her nose is too big. Wait, could it be the sound of her voice? Could it be too husky? She sounds like a man. Oh well, you look okay, go change into another one and then come show us maybe, just maybe the next one will be better.’

It never was better, every time she changed and came to show them she asked for further ridicule until she herself believed them, she was not beautiful, everything in her is not as it was supposed to be, nothing looks fine on her and the fault is not from her tailor, or the material, it was always from her, her shapeless body, her dull complexion always made every outfit look ugly. She lived life putting herself down so she would not stick out and that way people will not see her ugly face or her shapeless body. With a change of environment, she got new assessment, her classmate said she was beautiful and she looked up surprised, she of course did not believe her but she felt happy deep down in her mind. As time went on people kept telling her how they loved her eyes and her voice. They want something in return she had thought, how can they think her eyes looks sexy, and her voice sounds sexy? No, they just want to tease her. Whoever told her otherwise apart from those words that were said to her when she was little was the liar. He was the one with a hidden agenda, and so she hears it and chucks it up to some nonsense people sprout just to get to her.

There is many of this young girls out there, who believe they are less of who they are, they believe they do not have anything special and they need to constantly sell themselves short in other to lessen the hurt when people tell them the so called truth. 

The society is wrong, whoever you are and wherever you are, you are beautiful and you are special. Every day you wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection, ‘I look beautiful’, ‘I am beautiful’ and then go ahead and list all the your features because whatever you have is what made you who you are and that person is beautiful.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as soon as you start seeing yourself in a positive light, you get rid of your insecurities and all the negativity, then you start feeling better about yourself and you start to put on clothes with brighter colour and high heeled shoes to standout, you want the society to see you the way you see yourself.

The next time you ask ‘how do I look?’ they will not hesitate because they have seen it your eyes that their so called opinion does not matter to you and that you are not asking because you truly do not know but just out of courtesy and then they will reply in a positive light because that is all they see in your eyes and your smile.  How beautiful you look.!