Cultist Clash Kills Six In Makurdi University


The Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, was recently home to a tragic incident, which claimed the lives of five students and a security guard. The six were said to have been killed, while many others sustained injuries, during a two day conflict between rival cult groups, which turned out bloody at the university.

According to repots, the crisis was started by the murder of a student at the institution, last Monday by a suspected gang.

A student spoke to newsmen, asking to remain anonymous, while giving information. The students said, “We believe that last night;s killings of these students is connected to Monday’s killing of a students by suspected cultists. It looks more like reprisal attacks.”

It was reported that armed men, stormed ‘Chamma Hostel’, which is a private lodge outside the university, then moved into Block D, Room 2, requesting for someone by the name ‘Aye’.

It was said that the occupants of the room, who were four people in total, denied having such person in their room.

According to the anonymous source, “Angered by the response and plea of the students, the leader of the gang ordered the men to kill them all, while they were on their knees begging.

“From there, the gang moved to the security’s post, where they also shot the security guard of the hostel. Unfortunately, every one of them died before the receive medical attention.”

Mrs. Rosemary Waku, the university’s head of Public Relations, confirmed the death of five people, saying it was four students and a security man, who was watching the hostel.
She also note that a cult-related attack, did indeed claim the life of a student last Monday, saying it was believe that the student who had been killed, belonged to the cult group that came for revenge on Tuesday night.


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