Segalink and Mr Aye Dee
Segalink and Mr Aye Dee

Segalink, Controversial Twitter User ‘Mr. Aye Dee’ fight dirty

Segalink is a fraudster – Mr Aye Dee
Mr Aye Dee is a disgrace to his family – Segalink

NEWS DIGEST – The founder of #ENDSARS movement, Sega Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink and Popular controversial Twitter user, Mukhtar ‘Mr. Aye Dee‘ Daniyan engaged themselves in a bitter fight on Twitter NG on Wednesday.

From the conversation, Mr Aye Dee had accused Segalink of trying to defraud Nigerians of over $100,000 through the EndSARS campaign and in retaliation Segalink said Mr Aye Dee is suffering from mental issues.

The NEWS DIGEST reports that the fight got messier when Mr Aye Dee released some documents of which he accused Segalink of receiving another $200,000 from former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Segalink also accused Mr Aye Dee of been a disappointment to his family as his parents didn’t even attend his wedding ceremony.

See screenshots below: