SEC Chairman Aliyu Katuka Outlines Vision to Strengthen Market Confidence, Enhance Staff Welfare

NEWS DIGEST – Mallam Mairiga Aliyu Katuka, recently appointed Board Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has unveiled his agenda to bolster Nigeria’s financial sector.

In his inaugural address on July 8th, 2024, Chairman Katuka expressed heartfelt appreciation to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the opportunity to lead the SEC. He underscored the SEC’s pivotal role in ensuring a fair and efficient capital market, emphasizing his commitment to advancing investor interests, upholding market integrity, and fostering capital formation through innovative policies.

Chairman Katuka highlighted the imperative of enhancing staff welfare and pledged to collaborate closely with stakeholders to sustain investor confidence. His remarks conveyed a vision for a resilient financial ecosystem amid optimistic economic forecasts supported by governmental reforms.

“The dedication of our predecessors has laid a solid foundation upon which we will build our vision for a stronger and more resilient financial ecosystem,” Chairman Katuka remarked, acknowledging the Commission’s achievements under past leadership.

Aligned with the SEC’s mandate to develop and regulate a fair and efficient capital market, Chairman Katuka outlined a comprehensive agenda aimed at advancing investor interests, safeguarding market integrity, promoting capital formation, and enhancing regulatory oversight. He cited the positive economic outlook driven by current administration reforms, including robust inflation management, social protection initiatives, macroeconomic stability efforts, and enhanced private sector development.

Addressing the capital market community and stakeholders, Chairman Katuka affirmed the Board’s commitment to collaboration, open communication, and mutual cooperation to bolster and sustain investor confidence, crucial for a resilient capital market.

“To the Commission’s staff, I pledge unwavering support for your growth, creativity, and provision of necessary resources to excel in your roles,” Chairman Katuka assured, urging their commitment and cooperation in shaping a new era of innovation, sustained progress, and shared prosperity within the SEC and Nigeria’s capital market.

In conclusion, Chairman Katuka expressed optimism about the future of Nigeria’s securities markets, pledging diligence, integrity, and a shared sense of purpose in steering towards a more prosperous and resilient financial ecosystem.

The inauguration of Chairman Katuka marks a pivotal moment for Nigeria’s financial sector, poised for enhanced regulatory excellence and market development under his leadership.