Ahmad Abubakar
Ahmad Abubakar, CEO Limateef

Being a problem solver is the biggest task I have ever taken —Ahmad, CEO Limateef

NEWS DIGEST – I’m Ahmad Abubakar, a native of Niger state. I’m a young entrepreneur and the CEO of Limateef Group.

I started my entrepreneurial journey with nothing other than a vision and it has, thus far, metamorphosed into something I’m proud of.

While Limateef Group started with an encounter with music star Davido, my entrepreneurial spirit started some years further back.

In my first years as a fashion designer, I experienced shocking profit and was able to style high caliber clienteles. But after years of working as a stylist, I realized I had more in myself to offer people.

My drive to be successful is beyond little wins and that’s why every little success has only spurred me to push my limit. There have been obstacles, like every other entrepreneur. I have, multiple times, doubted my potential but I continue to trust that I’m closer to where I want to be.

Needing to struggle to feed my stomach has taught me critical thinking and awareness. Everything I do now, I do it because I need to. Even with the negativity in the industry, I’ve worked with genuine intentions and have learnt not to see competitions as threats.

What was that encounter with Davido?
Davido once posted in his Instagram story that he was in need of a hairstylist in Morocco. I told myself I had to do it and get it done however possible even if I was in Nigeria. And I did. I got him a stylist even though I wasn’t there with him in Morocco and it was one of the proudest moments in my life.

This was the birth of the Limateef group of companies.

The idea behind Limateef came early in 2021. I saw that people relied on me and I barely failed to get things done for them thanks to my enthusiasm and proactiveness. Every now and then when we stumbled into inconveniences, both big and small, and there was no time or resources to fix it, people would turn to me to still the storm.

I solve problems daily. I would even call it a gift which I use to my advantage. Being a problem solver is the biggest task I have ever taken in my life. I find myself constantly surrounded by people of different backgrounds with different perspectives and personalities.

I’m also what you might like to call a social networker. I have adapted and related with different types of persons that I now have knowledge that was never given to me.

Having to render different services to different people was hard at first. It still is not easy managing demands and making yourself available while pondering the question of what to supply. Yet, I do it and make myself available for all demands because I am my brand.

My first year I worked with different well known brands and companies in Abuja: Wingist Network, Apitainment, Lightout, Play Network, Shina Peller, Ned Nwoko, 2sec twins, Rukkayyahiman, Mahmud & Co law firm & many more.

Very soon, I will be launching another subsidiary which is Limateef homes and apartments and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

I’m enthusiastic about sharing our services to as many people as possible.

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