2023 presidency: Coalition of 65 pro-Akpabio groups rake in over N100m for presidential nomination form [PHOTOS]

NEWS DIGEST – A coalition of groups, including women, and civil society democratic solidarity associations have converged in Kano State to voluntarily pledge support and raise funds for the 2023 presidential ambition of Senator  Godswill Akpabio.

A media statement from the convener of the Coalition, Dr Jibril Tafida said the 65 groups have all agreed to voluntarily raise funds for the purchase of the APC presidential contest form for Akpabio after “a frantic search for a detribalize Nigerian politician with proven record of unbeatable policies at various points in the corridors of power”.

The coalition said Akpabio’s “exemplary leadership abilities, his passion for helping people grow professionally and masses-friendly political style” have made him distinct in today’s Nigeria.

The coalition, in the statement, further stated that Senator Godswill Akpabio has made his mark “not just as a listening leader, but one whose main goal is to promote skills and competencies, as well as providing equipment, start-up funds and massive empowerment programmes to thousands of people in the six geopolitical zones of this country”.

Earlier in his speech, convener of the coalition and National Coordinator of Senator Godswill Akpabio for Common Good (SGACG) Dr Jibril Tafida told the crowd of VIPs, youth, women and traders association representatives that efforts through him have reached an advanced stage, with the voluntary donation of the sum of N111, 387,000 being raised.

The youth and women associations led the pack with over N100m out of the total sum realised at the end of the event.

He explained that the voluntary donations have proved that “stakeholders of the Nigerian project have acknowledged not just the leadership competence of Akpabio but also his energetic and sound health status.”

In attendance at the venue event – Mumbayya House of Bayero University in Kano, were the former Speaker of Kano State House of Assembly, traditional rulers, academics and representatives of disabled organizations.

See photos below:

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