Popular broadcaster, Oriyomi Hamzat arrested by FIB over ‘late Timothy Adegoke case’

NEWS DIGEST – The Executive Chairman of Agidigbo FM, Oriyomi Hamzat has been arrested by officials of the Federal Intelligence Bureau (FIB) of the Nigerian Police Force on Thursday morning.

In a video released online, his associates claimed that Oriyomi Hamzat was transported from Ibadan to Abuja by officials of FIB.

A press release obtained by THE NEWS DIGEST and titled ‘ORIYOMI HAMZAT ARRESTED BY FIB, WHISKED AWAY TO ABUJA FOR HIS PERSISTENT CALL FOR JUSTICE IN THE DECEASED TIMOTHY ADEGOKE CASE’, linked the arrest of the popular broadcaster to the death of late Timothy Adegoke.

Hamzat had been calling for justice over the death of Adegoke who was a Master’s student who was allegedly killed in a hotel in Ile-Ife, Osun state.

The owner of the hotel, Mr Rahmon Adedoyin, and his staff have been arrested in connection with the death of Adegoke, and the suspects are still standing trial over the death of the deceased.

Agidigbo FM react to the arrest

The statement released by the Head of Station of Agidigbo FM, Adebayo Yousuph Grey, confirmed that the State Intelligence Bureau handed Mr Hamzat over to the Force Intelligence Burea (FIB).

The statement reads in part, “We will like to use this medium to inform everyone that Mr Oriyomi has in the past few days been subjected to regular invites and questioning by several security operatives, including but not limited to the State Intelligence Bureau (SIB); all of which he dutifully honoured and attended to.

“The premise of these invites and questioning is not unconnected with his consistent call for due diligence in the trial of Chief Rahman, Adegoke Adedoyin over the death of Timothy Adegoke who died under unfortunate circumstances in the former’s hotel in Osun State. It would be realized that Mr Oriyomi Hamzat’s constant call for justice for the deceased has been a source of concern for the accused.”

In the statement, Mr Adebayo urged  Nigerians to lend their voice to ensure a quick and safe release of the popular broadcaster known for his philanthropic activities.

“We seek to reiterate here to well-meaning Nigerians, the media and the general public, that the reason for which Mr Oriyomi Hamzat was arrested in his defiant call for justice for Timothy Adegoke and extensive support for the deceased’s family. We, therefore appeal to all Nigerians to kindly lend their voice to ensure that Oriyomi Hamzat won’t be subjected to inhumane treatment and undue incarceration just for standing for the truth and for humanity.

“We are strengthened by the staunch and camaraderie from several corners so far and we promise to keep the general public abreast of further developments,” he added.


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