I never had physical contact with Sylvester Oromoni – Dowen College Nurse tells court

NEWS DIGEST – A clinical nurse at Dowen College, Lagos, Kafayat Usman, has said she never had any physical contact with the late Sylvester Oromoni.

Sylvester Oromoni was allegedly said to have been beaten by some senior colleagues in his school, last year November.

NAN reported that the nurse stood before an Ikeja coroner’s court unfolding the circumstances encompassing the death of the student.

Kafayat Usman had declined to swear by the Quran before testifying because she was menstruating, according to her.

Kafayat, who joined the School as a full-time nurse on September 4, 2021, is the second nurse from Dowen College to testify before the jury.

Earlier in March, News Digest reported that a nurse at Dowen College, Omobola Kayode, told the court that the late teenager sustained a slight wound on his thigh when he came to her.

Kafayat told the court that she only worked from Monday and Friday in the school.

Responding to questions from the medical examiner, Mikhail Kadiri, Kafayat disclosed she did not come in contact with the late Sylvester while carrying out her duties.

“I did not know him and I had no physical contact with him. I have never attended to him. I work as a full-time nurse at Dowen College but I am a day nurse.

“I work from 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. I do not work on weekends,” she said.

When asked by the medical examiner: “Would it be wrong if suggested by anybody that you massaged and attended to the deceased in any way whatsoever?,” Kafayat responded “Yes.”

In cross-examination by the counsel to the Oromoni’s family, Andrew Efole, the nurse Kafayat said she was not cognisant nor informed that Sylvester was treated in April last year.

Andrew Efole asked, “Since you do not work on weekends, who takes care of sick students on weekends?”

The witness responded by saying, “The sickbay is not opened on weekends. I became aware of the deceased’s case on Nov. 30, 2021, at the school premises.

“Dr Bisiriyu and I both resume and close at the same time. We both work from Monday to Friday. I am not aware if she is a doctor in any American Hospital.”

The court, however, adjourned the case proceedings till April 5 for continuous hearing.