PAVE selects International AIDS Society fellow for HIV cure research

NEWS DIGEST – The community advisory board of the Global Paediatric Adolescent Virus Elimination (PAVE) has elected a young Nigerian Pharmacist, Yusuf Hassan Wada as a representative for the National Institutes of Health’s Martin Delaney Collaboratory (Cross-MDC CAB) for HIV Cure Research.

Yusuf Hassan Wada is a 24-year-old indigene of Katsina State, a Pharmacist graduate from Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto, an International AIDS Society(IAS) Alumni/Fellow of the Advocacy-for-cure academy, and also the winner of Pharmanews award 2019.

According to Yusuf, the Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research is a flagship National Institute Health program on HIV cure research that serves to foster dynamic, multidisciplinary collaborations between basic, applied, and clinical researchers studying HIV persistence and developing potential curative strategies.

Yusuf and the other representative of the PAVE MDC representative, Shakirah Namwanje from Uganda will participate in the cross-MDC forum and represent PAVE on the national CAB, the confirmation email reads.

“The cross-CAB meets directly with NIH leadership and sets the agenda for the meetings. These representatives will attend the annual meeting in Miami, Florida United States in December (2022) and Bethesda Maryland United States (2023)”.

Recently, Yusuf was also invited to serve as a rapporteur for the International AIDS conference, the world’s largest conference on HIV to behold in Canada in July.

In addition, Yusuf also serves as a Community Advisory Board of Paediatric Adolescent Virus Elimination (PAVE), Youth Ambassador/Young Leader of the International AIDS Society (IAS), and a Fellow of the IAS/AVAC, Advocacy-for-Cure Academy (Toward an HIV Cure).