Tope Jaji
Tope Jaji

Dependent at 60, by Tope Jaji

NEWS DIGEST – Sixty years ago a nation was granted independence and hitherto still depending on others to survive. A country where the quality of life and livelihood keep diving. Nothing seem to be working except trading blames and calling people names. Nigeria will be great one day they say but that isn’t visible in the horizon. And one begins to wonder if it will happen in one’s lifetime.

The division of the nation has never been so imminent. It is palpable, the tension, the poverty and the arrogantly ignorant leadership. I once believed in a better Nigeria, now I have the view I once lived in a better one. A country so blessed with resources: human, minerals and size(population and land mass). The 32nd largest country in the world with 923,768km² of land mass.

The diversity in culture and language cannot be over-emphasized. What should have been a thing of advantage has descended to a thing of tribalism and perhaps marginalization of some. Maybe it is the divide and rule tactics, but Nigeria is not doing well with “Peace and Unity” and these setbacks seem to be nonchalantly addressed.

When you see where we are in the scheme of things and how we seem not to be making head way in any impactful aspect of existence as a nation, one begins to wonder if Nigeria ever needed independence. And if so, why are we so clueless about the way forward and achieving common goals as a black nation.

At sixty years of age, a man should have seen better days; which seem to be the case here. Nigeria has seen better days and we are living in the worse of time, hoping for better days still. The non patriotic nature of the citizens of the country is at the highest, even super eagles matches don’t unite us anymore. There is total or perhaps partial loss of hope in the system.

A system perfected over the years through corruption and outright irresponsibility and abuse of public trust. The fall from democracy to kleptocracy, where the elected ones defraud the voters. Same people sweating and dancing during campaigns with you can’t even be sighted after they emerge winners, their SUV is tinted. They no longer have any business with you, they’ve made it.

So the cycle goes on and everyone is waiting their turn to pounce on the National cake, waiting for their turn to rob the nation. All tribes are united at the top but shattered at the bottom. And the mass are almost voiceless, they are completely gagged, you only here murmurs, nobody dare speak up against the authority.

When a nation looses its right to protest against its leadership, they’ve been completely silenced into despotism. And would have to bear with all the mistakes of their leaders and make excuses for being treated wrongly because Nigerians are sycophantly emotional towards their leaders than the country.

At 60, we have lost direction several times over, the wrong things are now the new norm. We don’t even seem to know our wrongs, and this scares the hell out of me, for concerns about generations to come, whose liberty have already been mortgaged since yesterday.

Till now, Nigeria is still dependent on other nations for food, trade, loans, and a whole lot more. So one wonders if it is 60 years of independence or 60 years of dependence and breakdown of the visions of our heroes past.

Happy independence day
God bless Nigeria