Usman Bello Balarabe
Usman Bello Balarabe

Notes from Hindustan: COVID-19 in Nigeria and Tragedy of ‘Copying’ Others

NEWS DIGEST – Oftentimes, the problem with emulation is the failure to realize your own strengths and weaknesses prior to ‘copying’ anything from anywhere. The aftermath of this lockdown is seemingly creating more problems rather than possible solutions.

Nigeria’s adaptation of the lockdown policy to contain the spread of Covid-19 is pretentiously a solution to reduce the spread of the virus, while apparently, it is literally another way of reimposing hardships, difficulties, sufferings and giving hunger and starvation a room to take away the lives of the poor citizens. Alas!

Worriedly, it is time for the Government to understand the plight of its citizens, and do the needful by providing alternatives to help them survive the dreadful danger of hunger while at same time fighting the Covid-19.

In some developed countries where the lockdown is effective, it is believed that good governance coupled together with robust economic and political structure are the main factors that make it easy for those countries to provide favorable alternatives for their citizens during this trying time.

Unfortunately in Nigeria, it is not. However, it is also the responsibility of the Federal Government to ensure there is a favorable alternative to ease the tension and ensure the lives of the citizens are protected from Covid-19 as well as hunger.

Regretfully, failure to provide favorable alternatives will create more problems which includes loss of lives, domestic violence as a result of hunger, frustration-aggression; increase in the rate of thieving; as well as creating more confusion in the public minds and eventually paving way for the development of skepticism about the reality of corona virus in the country whether it is real, politics, deceptive or exaggerations and what have you.

Henceforth, lack of confidence and trust in the government will devastatingly sabotage the whole efforts in the fight against Covid-19.