Engr Aliyu Idris
Engr Aliyu Idris

The Silent Achiever and Philanthropist per Excellence, Aliyu Idris

NEWS DIGEST – Many were born into noble families but ended up squandering every trait of nobility. Many were born by humble parents but ended up as most arrogant and direct opposite of their sources.

Nobility has been defined and redefined by men as they fall from or rise to their noble paths, yes, the summation of their lives and time defines which one applies.

Humanity has also been traced to be rooted in humility and philanthropy, ability to stay humble despite great heights and courage to be generous despite the toils to make wealth.

When a man is found to possess all of these, particularly from a humble background, he steps into the cadre of the noblest, humblest and silent philanthropist, indeed and in the true sense of the words.

Hon. Aliyu Idris (Magani Sai Da Gwaji) stands out in this. He is a man who assumed greatness via hardwork and conquests with unequaled economic forces but emerged successful on the business front and private life.

Engr. Aliyu Idris is a man who does not learn humility, but indeed is humility personified, he remains most unassuming yet impactful, unnoticed yet around everywhere, he remains one of the kindest.

Engr. Aliyu Idris has being playing major roles in human capital development and interested to do more in education houses. He personally built school support other from scratch and sometimes in completion. He does it within and outside the Zaria Local Goverment.

As you take giants strides in all your endeavours this year…..There shall be speed & quantum quest for you in all ramifications, your heavenly & earthly allocations shall locate you with accurate precision Insha Allah.

Without any inhibitions, the legacy put in place will remain a great Zaria local government under your leadership you and your loved ones will move from minimum to maximum, from deficit to dominion & from stagnancy to divine acceleration Insha Allah.

With Engr. Aliyu Idris, Zaria is on the rise again. The favor of God & that of men shall be at your disposal, your comfort shall know no bound & there shall be peace round about your domain in mighty Insha Allah.

Aliyu Usman Sahabi writes from Zaria

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