Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu
Prof. Abdalla Uba Adamu

Prof Abdallah Award: Another feather to the cap of a dual Professor

Amazing academic of extra ordinary humility
Bold Reformer & bastion of stability
Defender & Symbol of cultural values
A multi-tasking –multidisciplinary Scholar
Light of knowledge and epitome of excellence
Learner of unique academic admiration
An eloquent orator
Head of the winning team

NEWS DIGEST – Giants strides made by man are usually relieved with pomp and pageantry .while some roll out the milestone amidst glass clinging. Some play the breakthrough low but all in praises and in anticipation of better future ahead. In this momentous instance, the success story always overshadows the nauseating hurdles and barricades accompanying such feats. Naturally some people excel in various ways of life, they standout in anything they venture into, they are shining light, they shape their environment and their world.

However, despite the society convulsion threatening the survival of the contemporary society one can still boast of great men as few as they are who stand tall in the society. Men who write their names in gold while others write in charcoal in the heart of thousands of people, they can never be forgotten the name and good deeds of such men will always shine stars. This is about the Vice Chancellor of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) who recently bagged the Kwararafa Reporters Award for Excellence in Educational Development.

In his success story, few people erroneously tend to view it as if he employed underhand tactics to achieve them and in the process underestimate his Midas touch. The fact remains that he attained his present height through dint of hard work and unparalleled exhibition of moral discipline. He is a man of many parts, blessed with the ingenuity to break boundaries and discover new frontiers, but most importantly, he is an accomplished professional with a record of excellence in all his career undertaking.

Prof Adamu was born in Daneji, Kano city, Kano State, on 25 April 1956. He received his undergraduate B.Sc (Education) degree in Education, Biology and Physiology in 1979 at Ahmadu Bello University. He did his National Service at a high school in Umoarkrika, Imo State, before he proceeded to Chelsea College, University of London where he earned Master of Arts in science education in 1983 He earned his doctorate at the University of Sussex in 1988 under the sponsorship of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

The story of this task master is that of triumph of the human vicissitude .His life is a proof that with strong will to succeed in life and divine nod to one’s actions, one can turn all obstacles to blessings. He is quintessence of humility, apostle of change, a revolutionary and core disciplinarian .adept at the evolution of continuity between the past, diligently reshaping today for brighter tomorrow.

The Super Vice Chancellor’s undisputable wits and oratory power is legendary.He is a bastion of stability , he has brought progress and global attention to the National Open University of Nigeria .He has propelled the citadel of learning forward in an unprecedented manner through his visionary leadership. He has also demonstrated high sense of integrity, courage, confidence, doggedness, honesty and sincerity of purpose in his task of leading the largest university to greater heights since his appointment three years ago.

The relocation of the University to it permanent headquarters in Jabi Abuja, the assenting of by President Buhari of amended NOUN Act passed by the national assembly , the massive constructions at the headquarters and the 78 study centres are some of the few monumental achievement by the Media and Cultural studies Professor .

By any benchmark one deploys to assess him, and in whatever clime in our firmament of the planet earth, Professor Abdallah Uba Adamu , is a stunning success, a unique gift to academic world at this its critical moment in history and he deserve to be celebrated by all and sundry within the Nigerian geography as he received accolades upon accolades .

In any civilized nation, one of the major innovations to entrenching good governance, socio- political right and accountability to the citizens is the media. It serves as the pivot to uplift true democratic government. In simpler sense, the role the media plays in the building of a society can never be relegated to the background because information is power and information shared is empowerment. It is through the media that we can get comprehensive information about happenings in the world.

As institutions central to the democratic process, media serve several critical functions among which is offering a comprehensive account of the broadest range of events, therefore ,serving the society with corpus of information and knowledge of sufficient of making informed choices .The media also maintain wide range of opinion and analysis of issues unfolding in society.

Leaders require some attributes to be able to attain unrivalled position such as courage, intelligence, foresight, maturity, compassion etc. Well –positioned and revered leaders normally possess such attributes and therefore, the ability to carry not only their lieutenants but the entire followership.

For his monumental and unprecedented achievement, Professor Abdallah has been harvesting awards, laurels and traditional titles across the length and breadth of Nigeria over a dozen of them in 2019 alone. The latest coming from Kwararafa Reporters award of excellence in educational development .He was recently conferred with a traditional title of “Ezi Enyi Ekwerazu Ahiazu Mbaise by members of Ekerazu Brothers Association of Imo State.The traditional title from Imo State was the 5th since his assumption from as the Vice Chancellor of NOUN .

Kwararafa Reporters Award have stress the fact that good information management requires the media to cherish motivational information in stages with periodic progress report and highlight of positive developments, positive attitude which can be discovered by taking a good reading of political climate and atmosphere.

In just three years of coming into office, the dual professor has demonstrated in words and actions his commitment to scale up the path of development to open and distance learning in Nigeria to global competitive standard level. With his superlative performance as a progressive Vice Chancellor of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in the largest university in Africa in terms of number of students and study centres .Prof. Abdallah is charting a new course for the unique citadel learning.

Danyaro wrote in from Abuja and can be reached [email protected]