Adnan Mukhtar Tudunwada

The Silence of an Emir, By Adnan Tudunwada

NEWS DIGEST – The Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi is no doubt a friend of the media, he was always on the news headline making comment on national and social issues that affect his people. It started from the Sharia implementation, introduction of islamic bank, family law, street begging and many more.

This is because of his versatility in both islamic and western education, he is an Emir that speaks for his people, this is why he was described by many as ‘Controversial’.

His recent statement of putting the Kano 9 abduction blame on the parents has sparked debates on social platforms because of the Emir’s silence after the rescue of the 9 children and the arrest of their abductors.

The Emir may be right but his breaking of silence with a blame was a wrong approach. The governor has constituted a commission of inquiry into the abduction, a law was made criminalizing kidnapping with a death penalty. Instead of the Emir to give his own contribution and wait for the final outcome of the committee’s finding; he ended up blaming the parents of the abducted children.

It is true that our people are negligent but this is due to the abject poverty we find ourselves in. We know how poor our people are, three square meals is a big issue.

Our children may be roaming the street, playing on the road because we don’t have enough space in the house where they can play, we don’t have money to buy toys for them. While the father is out to get something for the family, the mother is waiting for the father to bring what she will cook.

It was evidently clear that some of this children were abducted on their way back from Islamiyya school and most of these schools are within our communities. Most of us attended islamic schools in our communities, parents hardly take their children to islamiyya school because the children can take themselves. The Emir should be able to differentiate the rich form of life and that of the poor or average citizen.

While the rich employ drivers that will drive their children to islamiyya like the western schools, the poor or average citizen could not afford that.

The Emir should be seen condemning the act, calling on government to take serious measures to avoid future occurrence. The Emir of Bichi was on a working visit to Ebonyi, he was in the Government House with the governor, i know he will be discussing the abduction issue. I heard that he was on a tour to the South Eastern States where he will discuss with leaders of these states towards seeing an end of the kidnapping business by Igbo sons and daughters.

This is what the Emir should be doing not the blame game.

Emir Sanusi’s silence during the abduction saga was uncalled for. Could the south be silent if a Hausa or Fulani man was caught in the business of kidnapping their children? Take this as if it happened in any of the southern states, could any of their leaders be seen blaming the parents?

With this silence, could the Emir be seen as someone that speaks or stand for his people?

My Emir was wrong, he should look at the issue again.

Adnan is a media personality, he can be followed on Twitter @adnanmoukhtar