Falz As The New Voice Of This Generation: A Review Of TALK


Falz As The New Voice Of This Generation: A Review Of TALK

NEWS DIGEST – There is nothing that confirms a piece of art( Music) as socially conscious than what Falz mixed together for us, and titled _Talk_. Not only the lyrics communicate to us, but the graphemes and graphics say just more, to buttress the points of the song.

It will interest you that, _Talk_ is a consequence of _This is Nigeria_ which Falz had sung sometime last year. The latter which got a reaction from some Muslim org. called Muric( or something). One realises that, Falz starts _Talk_ with the court session, about to happen, which was not attended by the said Muslim org. He then continues to say, he would talk again: _anything I talk /make you talk am again_.

From there, he talks about the banes of the society. And Nigeria appears as the caricatured Nation, Falz satirises. You notice that, from the technical handling of what appears as the political parties that exist in Nigeria ( especially the mantra of one of the political parties— ‘New’ level)

He warns us, of the forthcoming elections, not that we should not vote at all, but our vote must amount to what I call the _Revolutionary Vote_. Religion, Jungle Justice, Illegal money making, etcetera he satirises.

However, Falz says all these, in what I call— Indecisive Conversational Method: _na you talk am o o/no be me talk am o o_.

This ICM he uses to account for the way the people keep/kept quiet, in order, for them not to be shushed by jailing, by the relevant apparatuses of the government, in the caricatured country. He therefore, backs it up, by voicing as a revolutionary when he decides to say, at the very end: _Na me talk am o_ to support the earlier proposition of _anything I say…_ . And I answer in this phase that: _Falz na you fit talk am o, if we talk am o, den go jail us o_ I suppose also, that this I say, is also what the other human characters of the video are saying, especially, the ones in the moving vehicle.

On this note, I think Falz is making us feel Fela in him. A Marxist of the Nigerian Music Industry, at that, with his new year début — _Talk_ .

Finally, the possibilities in the meaning of : _would you like to continue?_ given at the end, _are_ — would you like to vote this shenanigans in again, and would you like to sing/say/voice this again? While the former of these possibilities talks to the general public, the latter, I think only Falz can answer.

Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu.

He writes from Ekiti State.


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