Nigeria's Buhari shakes hands with China's Li Xinping after discussions over a Chinese-funded housing project. (ThisDay)
With China and Cannibalism Diplomacy, By Philip Afaha
NEWS DIGEST – Last week Nigerians woke up to the sordid news that china has chosen to export cannibalism to Nigeria. Whatever informed their choice of Nigeria as the destination for such bestiality is not known to us, but one is wont to conclude that the world has started to take advantage of our weakness, cowardice and apparent lack of knowledge of how the current civilisation works- you either upgrade or dominate, or you will be dominated by others. The recent cargoes of human remains as capsules and stew represent the worst insult we should accept as a people. Come to think of this, China grind her death bodies into powder and sell to us as drugs?, China makes stew of her embalmed corpses and ship to us for our meals?. We now know where the cancers are coming from. It appears cancer and indeed most of the dangerous diseases ravaging the African economies and populations may actually be manifestations of biological weapon attacks on black Africans by the developed world. The idea could be to destroy their economies, damage their resolve to break even, offer palliatives and take over their resources.
One may be accused of provoking a conspiracy theory or some anti-China sentiments, but across the length and breadth of Africa there are cries of the new colonialism by China. The stark reality is that China is desperately pushing into Africa with reckless abandon. Their recent moves is only reminiscent of the 1885 scramble and partition experience that resulted in the colonialism and bastardization of Africa. In some countries there are stories of total take-over of public utilities and governance infrastructures as political leaders fall over one another to get loans and financial favours from Beijing. This craze for Chinese monies comes against the warnings from the intelligentsia and the western world who see through the traps and long term imperialistic motifs of these gestures.
China has proven that it is not a fair trader, not even when it is dealing with weaker states. China is taking undue advantage of the sorry state of affairs and instability in Africa to take its turn in the rape that was initiated by the Caucasian cousins some in form of slave trade and slavery some centuries ago. The aggressive manner with which china seeks to exert its influence in Africa should be taken with a pinch of caution. Those who think that china is a father chrismas are wallowing in destructive self deceit. It is instructive that the Trump administration has repeatedly alerted the world and challenged the Chinese foul tactics when it comes to trade. With the recent happenings in Africa there appears to be a sense in the American posture. The latest trade in human flesh should alert the developing world of the dangers of swallowing the financial baits and allowing the Chinese to have a field day in their trade relations. The United States of America is resetting their trade terms with china ostensibly to forestall a similar decline to infamy as the Nigerian case.
It is an irony that while china will be the first country to flout rules and abuse free market; it is on record that it is the most difficult country to export to. It operates the harshest and draconian regulations to protect its market and domestic products. It is sad that the same offence that earns Nigerians death sentences and life imprisonment in china are the same things Chinese are perpetrating and walking free in Nigeria.
The Nigerian government should not pride itself that it has issued public warning on the human stew and capsules from china. Government should not feign ignorance of this scandal or treat it with the usual callously the way it brushed off the plastic rice saga, fake drugs and claims of organ harvesting of young Nigerians by Asians that is now dominating the social media. The Chinese ambassador to Nigeria should be summoned to explain this evil, and stop further shipment of products that insults our culture and endangers our health as a people. Customarily the Ambassador will try to absolve Beijing of culpability and blame such on rogue merchants but at least a strong government-to-government message would have been sent to China and her people that Nigeria rejects and frowns at such abuse of the Nigerian people. That is the hallmark of citizen diplomacy
 Nigerians will not forgive China if they fail to stop this abomination from their end, and we will not equally forgive our leaders if they fail or even delay to call China to order. The Indo-Nigerian relation is a good thing but international trade should be conducted with some modicum of morality, and diplomacy demands mutual respect. The Nigerian government should stand up to china on this saga. China must at least pretend to show respect. We are not cannibals!
Enough of this rape.
*Dr Philip Afaha Is the Head of Department of History and Diplomatic Studies, University Of Abuja