In Search of Virtuous Youths


Although  Ayodeji Faremi is a graduate of Laboratory Medicine, his heart is larger than the medical world. He is one of those people whose passion to communicate with the society cannot be drowned by any discipline or assignment.

For instance, he is described as a creative consultant and an ‘innovative strategist’ while he is also a public speaker. Some of such adventures recently culminated in the publication of his first book, Nigerian Youths: Virtues and Vices. The 148-page publication x-rays social patterns among Nigerian youths and makes recommendations where necessary.

According to Faremi, the many challenges facing the world calls for sober reflection and a strategic analysis that can bring enduring solutions. He notes in the preface that the inaugural speech of President Barrack Obama lured him into sustained meditation. There is the need to improve the lot of mankind, he notes.

He says, “It is therefore with an excitement that I wish to declare that this book is an idea on how a better world should be. It is an idea on how to accept values, morals, equity and love as against selfishness and other vices which constitute a spanner in the wheel of progress.”

He stresses that the book is also about celebrating and recognising those social values that have become entrenched in our national life.

“The youths who will become adult leaders in various spheres of life must eschew vices and position themselves as change agents,” he explains.

In simple, flowing language, Faremi discusses the youth agenda under topics such as Virtuous Youths, Honesty, Love and Patriotism, Self Discipline, Humility, True Greatness, Youth Volunteers as well as Time for Action and Strategy. His argument becomes more convincing with the inclusion of examples of youths who are doing well in different areas, especially role models that are now youth volunteers.

No wonder, Faremi’s efforts have been acknowledged by various professionals, including a seasoned scholar, Prof. Olu Aina, who, in the foreword, says the book is a clarion call for the much-needed new era of responsibility and good citizenship needed to harness the potentials of youths for national development.

“It will serve as a limelight and a challenge for adults and youths who have the desire to be great in the mould of what the author copiously highlighted in chapter eight on the attributes of greatness,” Aina adds.



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