Mallam Saliu Mustapha
Mallam Saliu Mustapha

Open letter to the Turaki of Ilorin, Saliu Mustapha, by Mohammed Belgore

Dear Senator-elect

I congratulate you heartily, being one of your constituents who has watched you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes to become the champion of social welfare for the people of Kwara Central.

I must say that I watched your campaign with rapt attention and was impressed by the singular fact that you seemed to be in tune with the times and present realities of the people of Kwara Central.

It is the usual norm when politicians campaign to make a mountain of promises to the electorate in hopes of seducing their thumbs towards voting for them. It is also the norm that these politicians ninety nine (99) times out of a hundred (100) do not fulfill those promises.

My dear Senator-elect, what I noticed with your situation is that you didn’t have to make promises. Your fortunes did not ride on a potential but rather kinetic energy. Long before you declared your intention to run for the Senate to represent the people of Kwara Central you had won thousands of hearts and was seen as a philanthropist of extra ordinary proportions.

This meant that the people did not need to wonder what their fate under your representation would be like, across Kwara Central and even beyond, you had etched your name in the deepest recesses of the minds of widows, destitutes, orphans and anyone who seemed to look your way for succour.

The phenomenon of philanthropic abundance and generosity is a matter of forces almost unconquerable. This means that you had a head start over your opponent for the senatorial seat and so it was a tall order to defeat you. The people, the masses, were with you.

As a citizen of Kwara Central I must say your legacy so far even though I sense that you are just beginning is one I personally pray to be able to emulate in the days and years ahead, let God grant me permission. This is why I now highly admire you.

Yet you have now set a standard. Like a football team that has done very well in preseason games while preparing for the season. The season starts by May and I humbly admonish you to please, not let the people of Kwara Central down.

A few argued that you were not qualified for whatever reasons they may have enumerated but the one that is qualified is the one that the electorates say is qualified, and they have in their mass numbers attested to your qualification via the ballot papers. Please do not disappoint them.

Immortality is usually the fate of those who rise to certain echelons of governance in the human society, for posterity will never fail to sing your praises. May tomorrow remember you fondly.

God bless and keep you Turaki. May he endow you with the wisdom and the divine orientation to continue to be a shining light for the people of Kwara central. I wish you health and wealth, long life and even more prosperity.

Yours sincerely
Muhammed Belgore

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