The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) has outlined conditions for the resumption of oil production in Ogoni land. During the group’s Congress and rally held over the weekend at Gokana Central Field in Bera, Ogoni, Rivers State, MOSOP leader Mr. Fegalo Nsuke emphasized the importance of adhering to the Ogoni Bill of Rights, which mandates MOSOP to represent the Ogoni people as long as injustices persist.

Nsuke highlighted several injustices that have led to the Ogoni struggle, including the lack of basic amenities such as roads, water, housing, and hospitals. He stated, “We will not accept any option that does not consider the position of MOSOP on Ogoni oil, given the contributions it has made during the struggle that chased Shell out of Ogoni land.”

Nsuke called for the operationalization of the Ogoni Development Authority, asserting that 20 percent of the resources extracted from Ogoni should be dedicated to local development.

He proposed that this commitment should go into a trust fund managed by a third-party asset management firm, which would regularly report to the people online about how the funds are being utilized.

Furthermore, Nsuke stressed that the Ogoni Development Authority, once operationalized, would benefit the Ogoni people. He added that any company seeking to drill oil in Ogoni must allow the trust to take equity in the company, ensuring that the community has a stake in its own resources.