Nollywood’s Toyin Abraham narrates how she battled depression

NEWS DIGEST – Nigeria’s Nollywood actress and movie producer, Toyin Abraham has shared some of her life challenges in the process of being a new and better person.

The actress shared in an interview, how she was knocked down with depression and to getting the help of a counsellor.

She disclosed that, “being depressed made me abandon my family and led me into smoking cigarettes which is unacceptable in my Christian home.”

The “tout and the ghost” movie producer explained how her manager source for a therapist for her due to her depression rate.

“At some time in my life my manager had to get me a counsellor because I was depressed but lived in denial. I was not happy and very scared of life.

“It was that bad that I thought of swimming or jumping from the third mainland bridge and hoping someone will save me”.

She describes trusting those she confided in during the hard times as a very bad action on them and now finds it difficult to trust then.

“I confided in people and they used it against me, I had fear of the unknown, my thought filled with negative things.

“It was hard for me to trust people then because the people I had around me didn’t know how to keep things secret.

“I am from a Christian home but had to avoid them because I started smoking cigarettes.

“I detached myself from my family because I thought I was going to die soon and didn’t want them to miss me.”

Meanwhile, she took obligation for her being after she got a new manager and a therapist and has since proceeded to elevate in her life and career.

She narrates the process: “I had to change everybody around me, had a different mentality to rediscover myself.

“When you’re depressed you don’t know what you’re capable of doing, Immediately I overcame all of that, I redesigned my life to be my best version.

“I got over my fears with the help of my manager and counsellor. You have to go through fire to have the finest things.”