Umar Faruk Jahun
Umar Faruk Jahun

Nigerian Youth: A Clarion Call for Self Awakening, By Umar Jahun

NEWS DIGEST – My fellow youth, I greet you all. With due respect and with all sense of responsibility, without been immodest and even as I write this, I’m not perturbed as perhaps I should be.

Responsibility is a function of understanding there is a problem, that why I can’t  keep quiet and fold my arms even if the odds are against me.

I write this piece with bitter heart and I feel compelled to share this camouflage that has happened to my fellow youths in this country. Anywhere around the world, youth are the centre of focus, accompanied by practically and pragmatists tendency, they are an asset and epitome of every community, and also an essential elements that immensely ontribute for the development of any country in the world.

But today in Nigeria, youth have been escalated and trapped by the darkness of their own government, who lagged behind in many aspects that show standard mode of living in any developed country, there by stalled their every effort to contribute for the future developments.

They have been abandoned, left with poverty, mass illiteracy, religious fundamentalism and tribalism as the only four most weapons of mass destruction and underdevelopment in the country. 

Don’t ever pray to be in a situation where you would rely on the Nigerian state to save you, except you belong to the extreme privileged elite class. How many young Nigerians deserve a bright future? But, they got only a bleak one. Every day you see and hear stories of how the Nigerian system deliberately fails the common youth. 

Your mentality is messed up, and you are not getting out of the mess any time soon, if you don’t want to wake up from the stupidity, doing the same thing over and over again, then stop expecting something different.

Youths services and education have been cut and see no future, with high level of ignorance, emotional instability, inability to articulate or reason, as a result many are drawn into gangs to fill that void. Any nation that doesn’t educate youths has no future, youth need to be given a vision so they can see a future for themselves.

Youths today are been manipulated! But, do you chose to tactically remain silent? Or wake up and speak a proper solution that will help? Sincerely! I regret to say if you fold your arms, say or do nothing then I regret to say your conceived future is dying a zygote. It’s time to wake from laziness, comfort and procrastination, to know your ourselves! It’s now or never. 

Let’s together remove all the obstacles away and wipe away all our problems with equanimity, that’s the only way to hope for a better tomorrow. The famous Mandela Said “When the freedom reign, the sun never set on so glorious a human development”. Our case is not new, we must think and act now.

Almighty God has given us the power to lead a good life, we are the one’s not activating that power in our dear country. Until we start acting, stop calling and waiting for a God who is with us already, nothing will change until then.

Editor’s note: This opinion piece is unedited.