Maryam Abdullahi
Maryam Abdullahi

The Status of Nigerian Women in Politics, By Maryam Abdullahi

NEWS DIGEST – Though most of our country women are restricted to their homes, they seem to show limitless political exuberance that reveals their attraction to politics, but on the other hand, they pathetically exhibit terrific willingness which has contributed to their weak fascination; this is mostly as a result of the unnecessary public noise which is blatantly unavoidable.

It is commendable how these women are politically oriented, you’ll see them discussing politics with shocking consciousness and all it includes, this has made explicit the observation that the number of women that are politically informed are considerable, that is, if freed from certain unpalatable suppression would do better than just discuss politics comprehensively in their confined homes.

Consequently, aside the reality that politics descends upon women societal frown, it denies them a reputable prestige, especially in the Northern part of Nigeria. It is no longer wondrous why women rejects political appointments, I mean, who wants to be tagged a contemptible and despicable identity? If not out of reverence for the above mentioned reasons,our women would’ve surrounded the world of politics massively today.

It is disturbing that the ideology the society has infused in the minds of these women is enough to make them vulnerable towards it. Just like the meeting with one of the District head of a Local Government Area of one of the states in the Northern Part of Nigeria, who said to a group of Ladies who happen to be among several men who visited his palace, “Don’t go and become women Leaders” he advised repeatedly. Now, if these Ladies ever had interest in being political leaders, they’ve been utterly discouraged.

Some women may think that since they’re not interested in politics, politics wouldn’t take any interest in them, they seem to neglect the fact that, they’re part of what makes up politics. You affect the country the same way the country affects you. The advancement of the country should be profoundly paramount to you, why leave the most integral matters of the nation to a gender and focus bluntly on the rudiments? The truth is, the number of men that has crowded political offices is exceedingly numerous, that alone, could dispose of  the high patronage of women in politics.

 They already hold firm to the perception that they have no place in vital political positions, this timid conception has made them irrelevant in political affairs.

Women regains their significance in politics when election approaches, it is the only time women are permitted to exercise their feminine influence through campaigning and organising women leaders of infamous associations to mobilize and earn their commitments towards political parties. Despite used on several occasions,it is ridiculous that our women still succumb to their political designs. These are women that are supposed to struggle for a voice in the world of politics not a voice among themselves,your voice isn’t limited to your homes.

Although, the society has sustained their submission to the ideology of being the “weaker sex,” you should know that, it is nothing but mere words to lower and digress your mentality, Perfection belongs to no gender,therefore, the fear of sentimental implications shouldn’t be allowed to conquer your interest to vie for political seats.

In the aspect of voting during elections, it is no longer a secret that most of our women, particularly those from the northern Nigeria who shares similar culture, are glued to the fears of certain inevitable encounter during voting, most of these women are scarce of the knowledge of voting procedures,they’re easier to manipulate on shying away from their voting rights, especially when they’re fed with unnecessary information like, the polling unit is risky, there’s no guarantee of total safety, violent attacks are expected, you could be sexually insulted, these are some misconceptions that requires correction.

The notion that “Women aren’t leaders but supporters” shouldn’t be allowed to consume the human rationale, once a female student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto was interviewed on her opinion about women being better leaders, the 400 level student of the Department of Biological Science, Faith Obiokwu, opined that; “I believe politics is a fair game and everybody can play, but I don’t believe that women can be better leader because women can’t withstand pressure,” she further advised that women should offer their supports. It seems rather too pathetic that some of our women have lost their self confidence. 

The afore stressed issues begs a redress, for proper record of progress in the engagement of women in political matters and matters that affects the nation.