Balarabe Musa
Balarabe Musa

Nigerian Govt lacks political will to tackle kidnapping – Balarabe Musa

NEWS DIGEST – An elder statesman and former governor of Old Kaduna state, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has said the government has no political will to tackle the rising spate of kidnapping activities in the country.

Musa disclosed this on Thursday during a chat with Daily Trust while reacting to the rising spate of kidnapping in northern Nigeria.

He said criminals are allowed to move freely in the country without any relevant punishment for their crimes.

He added that corruption and the urge to make quick money among some citizens is also responsible for the rise in the crime.

“First of all, there is no correct political leadership in the country to tackle the problem. Secondly, there is urge to get rich quickly by some people in the country.

“Everybody is trying hard to make money by all means including the leaders. And the way criminals are allowed to go free without any relevant punishment for their crimes is another big problem.

“If not, did we experienced kidnapping before, for instance during colonial era and even in first and second Republic? No, we didn’t! But since this corruption and stealing among leaders reached its peaks, we began to have this issue because everybody wants to make money by all means.

“A Criminal will be arrested by police today and by tomorrow; he will be set free because he bought his way out.

“Even when they end up in prison, there is another thing they called plea bargaining. All these lead to the problem we are facing in this country,” he said.