Nigeria league is not entertaining to watch — Akpoborie

NEWS DIGEST – Former Super Eagles forward, Jonathan Akpoborie, says the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) is not entertaining and properly organised.

Akpoborie added that the South African league is more organized than the Nigerian league, in spite of the talents in the country.

According to the former VfL Wolfsburg player, the level of organisation of the NPFL matches does not encourage viewers to want to watch because it is not entertaining.

“But their (South Africa) league is well organised and they play well organised football. We don’t in Nigeria”.

“We will talk and talk about our league. What is in our league today? You are forcing people to come and watch the Nigerian league.

“What is there in the Nigerian league to come and watch? Is it entertaining? It is not!

“I have seen football being played in Nigeria and I have seen the one played in South Africa. The South Africans are not as talented as our Nigerians.”

Akpoborie, who won the first edition of the FIFA U-16 Kodak World championship in 1985 for the nation, also criticised the coaching system of the Nigerian national and local teams.

“We don’t have the coaches. Some people tell you that our coaches are good enough but they are not good enough,” the 52-year-old added.

“Let’s speak the truth. We have some, they are talented but today in football just as talent is not good enough for you to be a player, talent alone is not good enough for you to be a coach.

“There are so many things involved in coaching and lots of our coaches don’t have it. They don’t. The have to go and learn and it’s not as if they cannot. They should sponsor themselves to go and learn.

“After learning, they should always go for yearly refresher courses. Once you pass your coaching course and have your license, they will keep updating you on new trends in coaching. It is not one time thing.”

Akpoborie, who played his entire senior football career in Germany for 12 years. The former VfL Wolfsburg player netted 4 times for the Super Eagles in 13 appearances.