Abubakar Sani-Bello
Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani-Bello

Niger Government not fair to us – Parents of abducted Tegina children

NEWS DIGEST –Parents of abducted Tegina Islamiyya children have raised the dust over claim that Niger Commissioner of Information, Alhaji Mohammed Sani Idris was released without payment of ransom.

The parents, who claimed they had been barred from speaking to the media, said bandits could not have released the Commissioner without ransom and still keep their children in captivity despite them paying over N70 million demanded by the bandits.

The parents, who spoke on anonymity, also pointed out the APC Zone C chairman who was abducted a week ago, couldn’t also have been released without ransom, saying the government is not being fair to them.

They lamented their children were still in captivity because they are not high profile cases.

They alleged the government has decided to discriminate on who they pay ransom for and who they leave behind with the bandits.

“Our children have been with the bandits for about three months. But how come the Commissioner only spent few days and was freed.

“How come the the APC chairman was released after one week? And they said they did not pay ransom?Who are they trying to deceive?”, one of the parents said.

The head teacher of Salihu Tanko Islamiyya school, Tegina, Alhasan Garba Abubakar, said since the Commissioner said his release was a miracle, the same miracle formula should be applied in releasing the Tegina Islamiyya abducted children.

He appealed to government to have mercy on the parents of the abducted children who have been with the abductors for 76 days, saying everyone is concerned about the state of health of the children.

“The recent release of the APC chairman and the Commissioner shows that government has not been fair to us.

“If the duo released painted a very ugly pictures of what they went through in the hands of the kidnappers, you can imagine what children who cannot help themselves are going through in their hands spending 76 days in captivity with one cloth,” he said.