The College of Health Sciences at JABU

JABU set to admit students into College of Health Sciences

NEWS DIGEST–The first entrepreneural university in Nigeria, Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), Osun, is at the verge of admitting students into the College of Health Sciences (CHS), pending approval from National Universities Commission (NUC), after a resource verification scheduled for Sunday November 10, 2019.

According to the College Officer (CO) of the aforementioned college, Mrs. Olusola Adegoke, “The college would for a start admit students into two departments; Nursing Science and Medical Laboratory Science, in its first phase and subsequently the courses offered by the college would be increased”.

She further stated, “Nursing Council of Nigeria and Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria has been notified about the university’s intention to commence the college, and they will be coming for resource verification as soon as NUC approves the college”.

The CO affirms that the college is equipped with state of the art facilities and well staffed with professionals to make students grounded in the various fields and adept with modern practices of the professions. The college is to be headed by Prof. O. Okhiai, acting as Dean

”The university has the capacity to conveniently accommodate more students from the new college into its fully residential hostels, which already houses students from pre-existing colleges within the university” – Management.

“One of the things JABU is set out for is community service. Therefore, we will train qualified professionals; Nurses and Medical Lab Scientists who would be self-reliant and could collaborate with other professionals in the health sector, in the delivery of quality healthcare services”, says Mrs. Adegoke

She further said, “In the course of their study they will be posted to community health centres for their clinical posting, to gain hands-on experience and also to impact the communities”.

JABU affirms that it will ensure to produce skilled and disciplined professionals to contribute to the health sector and has signed an MOU with Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital (LAUTH), Osogbo, to enable practical learning to corroborate theoretical tutelage.

In the mean time, plans are underway for admittance of students into the College of Health Sciences and the university would begin enrolling, as soon as it gains NUC’s approval.