1. Beautiful fairy tale in all attempt to drag the president of the senate into the crime my question is why is it showing up now that there a power tussle between both parties its prove that its all framed work. Investigation should still be carried out and finally we will still discover that he is Innocent.

  2. Speak with proof and stop Dragging peoples name to the mud.
    its obvious its a case of framing the senate president
    very obvious,
    On which payroll are you guys “Concerned Kwara Citizens”?

  3. This is a kangaroo arrangement that can’t stand the test of time. Hungry men under the guise of Kwara Coalition of Stomach infrastructure are looking for means to feed since they can’t feed their families as a result of bad policies of this tyranic government. I don’t blame folks like this for falling so cheap and allowing themselves to be used as pawns in pulling down Senator ABS. Truly, an hungry man can do anything to feed. Hunger is a bastard indeed. But Nigerians already know the truth and the truth must prevail at all times. Senator ABS is innocent and only being persecuted for his opposition to the way this draconic government is impoverishing the masses


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