UNN Students Shut Down Campus



The students of University of Nigeria Nnsuka have been angered, leading to the closure of the campus. Lectures had not been holding for about a week now and the non-academic staff were not permitted to work in they offices.

The angry students had been demonstrating against poor academic environment. The students came out in multitudes at the campus gate to protest yesterday and would not allow any staff to move in or out of the premises, as security officers locked the gates.

It was revealed that the students had not been having steady power supply for the past three months, forcing them to rely on using generators and intermittent power supply from EEDC.

Apart from the power supply issue, students also lamented over the stench in their hostels, due to lack of water and they had to buy a bucket of water for N30.00.

Some students spoke to journalists, lamenting over the limited amount of accommodation on campus, making it necessary for too many students to be kept together in one room, forced to sleep on mattresses which are long overdue for change. They also paid for Wifi services, which weren’t worth the money.

Students said, “Life has not been easy, Our mattresses are bad, We are too many in a room”

“We paid for Wifi, but are not enjoying it.”

“We are demonstrating against the school management. We don’t want any movement in the school,” said the angry students as they blocked the entrance.

Mr Gabriel Onah, the institution’s public relations officer, said through a telephone interview with newsmen, that he was in a meeting, during the time this report was filed and promised to act on it.

Another lecturer, who pleaded to remain anonymous, said the students were doing the right thing: “The students are right. The school management is not helping matters. They will not listen. Now for one week, there have been no lectures,” the anonymous source said.



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