NERDC Says Religion Won’t Be Forced On Students


The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, has come out to assure all that the new education policy, which involves a new curriculum, does not force the teaching of religion on students, other than the ones which are accepted by their parents.

It was also revealed that History is going to make a return as subject at both basic and senior secondary levels, in Nigeria.

Yesterday in Abuja, The executive secretary of NERDC spoke to newsmen, saying the revised curriculum would improve the teaching of both religions in schools.

He said, “It is making headlines because there is lack of information of what it is. It started since 2011 and we started operating it since 2014 which means those in [email protected] must have even finished the circle of that curriculum but one wonders why it is coming up now. So it could be because of lack of information or some mischief. You know in Nigeria some people will take the opportunity of religion to over flog a situation.

“The fact of the matter as we keep on saying is that the curriculum does not impose teaching of anybody the religion other than the one accepted by his parents. And I keep on saying by the time you go to the public schools you will not see what they are talking about.”


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