Man Suspected Of Slitting Wife’s Throat Dies


Man Suspected Of Slitting Wife’s Throat Dies

Mr. Jafaru Sougie the 49 years old man, who was recently arrested  by the police on the suspicion that he murdered his wife of 26 years on May 29, 2016 by slitting her throat in their home in Oshodi area of Lagos, has died.

Jafaru, who died on Friday morning was being treated at a police hospital in Ikoyi, where he was taken, following a loss of consciousness which was as a result of ingested chemicals, suspected to have been taken after the murder of his wife.

It was disclosed that Jafaru suffered a drastic weight loss since his arrest as he refused food and drugs.

Unfortunately, the case of the murder of his wife, the late Roseline may be dead as the suspect didn’t help the police in their investigation.

The deceased are survived by five children.


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