PHOTOS: Collapsed Floating School in Lagos


The Makoko Floating School, located in the Yaba are of Lagos State, recently collapsed, after a heavy thunderstorm.

The building was made up of three stories and designed by Nigerian architect Kunle Adeyemi, in conjunction with the Makoko Waterfront Community and was completed in March 2013. The building had received global recognition, which included the Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award.

A statemnet was given by NLE, Adeyemi’s architecture practice firm, stating,

“After 3 years o intensive use, and exceptional service to the community, the first prototype structure Makoko Floating School has come down on June 7th, 2016. Following its decommission since March, the structure has been out of use in anticipation of reconstruction. We confirm that there were no casualties and the students had been relocated to the main school building since its decommission and pending reconstruction.

NLE, Makoko waterfront community and potential stakeholders were already considering the upgrading of the structure with a copy o fMFS II- a new, improved iteration, which was recently launched at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition- La Biennale di Venezia. The project was awarded the Silver Lion prize for “a powerful demonstration”, be it in Lagos or in Venice, that architecture, at once iconic and pragmatic, can amplify the importance of education.”

Kunle Adeyemi, also gave a statement saying, “NLE and MAkoko community greatly appreciate the concern and support received from so many people following the news alarm about Makoko Floating School. We are glad there were no causalities in what seemed like an abrupt collapse. The prototype had served its purpose in time and we look forward to the reconstruction of the improved version amongst other greater developments of the community.”

Below are Photos from the incidents, which caused the school to collapse.

Makoko-floating-school7-600x400 Makoko-floating-school8-600x360 Makoko-floating-school5-600x397 Makoko-floating-school6-600x401 Makoko-floating-school7-600x400 Makoko-floating-school8-600x360


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