Oyo Muslims Warn Ajimobi Against Selling Schools


The Muslim Community of Oyo State (MUSCOYS), has come out to openly condemns the plan proposed by the the Oyo stat government, to sell off school in the state, contrary to the provisions of Universal Basic Education Act of 2014 and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999.

Reacting to the government’s decision, the group, “It is a strange phenomenon that Oyo State Government without consultation with all stakeholders unilaterally decided to sell what belongs to all the entire citizenry.”

Sen. Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo State governor, set up Oyo State Inter Religious/Inter Ethnic Committee in 2015, whose purpose is to meet regularly on issues of this nature, yet the committee was reported to have only met once, which was after his inauguration and this issue was never discussed in that meeting, according to reports.

The Chairman of the Muslin group, Alhaji Ishaq Kunle Sanni sad, “It is expected that to take a decision on such important matter, an education summit ought to have been organised before such pronouncement. It is like putting the cart before the horse. While we sympathise with government on paucity funds, the Muslim Community of Oyo state will not allow government to trade away the future of the children of the downtrodden just because of a few shylock.

“It is worrisome and disappointing that a governor that swore on his inauguration to protect the constitution now went against it by violating provisions of the same constitution and thereby destroying Obafemi Awolowo’s legacy of free education in the state which the Governor promised to uphold.

“One of the hallmarks of the present administration is the creation of peace in the land. The ripple effects of this policy may create chaos and anarchy in the state. For record purposes The Universal Basic Education of 2914 states that every government in Nigeria shall provide free compulsory and Universal Basic Education for every child of primary and junior secondary school age.”


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