Ilaro Youths Protest Against Motorcyclist’s Murder


Ilaro, the headquarters of Yewa South local council, Ogun State, was a hot zone yesterday as the youths of the town went on a violent protest against the alleged killing of a commercial motorcyclist, who was said to have been shot by a police corporal named Awoleke Moruf.

Moruf was said to have shot the victim, for allegedly violating the restriction order, which was placed on all commercial motorcyclists in the state by the Commissioner of Police Ogun, Abdul Majid Ali.

The protesters who were in rage, included commercial motorcyclists, members of the butchers association in the town and more, and they barricaded all roads leading into and around Ilaro.

Tyres were burnt, and threats were made to take action on any policeman in sight, due to the cause of the protest. The protest lasted over three hours, paralysing all commercial activities such as shops, markets, stalls, banks and the council secretariat which was hurriedly closed.

Information was gathered, that the victim was a 32 year old man, Akanji Ahmed. It was said that he had closed work, then went on to buy food on a friend’s motorcycles, but was stopped by three policemen on another motorbike, who then accused him of going against the state’s laws, stating that ‘okada’ movement was restricted after 9PM.

Apparently Akanji pleaded with the officers, but all no avail, as they took possession of the motorcycle. He was then asked to part with N100, but refused, forcing the officers to beat him violently.

The witness who gave the information above said, “While still struggling to leave the scene, one of the police officers who accused Akanji of abusing them pulled the trigger and shot him at his back, which killed him instantly.”

Immediately after the incident occurred, youths tried to demonstrate in front of the Ilaro Police Divisional Office, but were sent away by an officer who fired several shots in order to scare them off.

The youths could not be stopped, and later came together yesterday, staging a violent protests, which shut the all activities in the town down.


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