The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has activated its operational offices across the country to address recent flooding incidents affecting multiple states.

This was announced in a statement by NEMA’s Director General, Zubaida Umar, on Monday.

Umar stated that the agency has deployed search and rescue teams to support the State Emergency Management Agencies (SEMAs) in the affected regions.

“In furtherance of its proactive flood risk management, the Director General of NEMA, Mrs. Zubaida Umar, has activated all Zonal, Territorial, and Operation offices of the Agency nationwide to work with SEMAs within their areas of responsibility to carry out rescue operations and assess the situation,” the statement read.

NEMA’s offices are located in Lagos, Ibadan, Ekiti, Abuja, Minna, Jos, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Edo, Uyo, Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Yola, and Gombe. Search and rescue officers have been deployed to these states to coordinate rescue efforts alongside SEMAs and other stakeholders in the recently flooded areas.

The agency is also conducting rapid assessments to determine any additional assistance needed in the impacted communities.

These rescue efforts complement ongoing sensitization and awareness campaigns to alert the public of predicted floods and encourage preventive measures.

NEMA has also communicated with all state governments, providing a list of at-risk local governments and outlining necessary preventive actions.

Several states that heeded NEMA’s advisory have reported that their early actions, combined with NEMA’s responses, have significantly mitigated the impact of the floods.

“The collaborative efforts between NEMA and state agencies have proven crucial in managing the flood crisis,” Umar added. “Our goal is to ensure that all affected communities receive the necessary support and resources to recover from these incidents.”

NEMA continues to urge the public to stay informed and take precautionary measures as more heavy rains are expected in the coming weeks.

The agency remains committed to working with all relevant stakeholders to minimize the damage and ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens.