Abubakar Yahaya

Comment: Muslims and Media Terrorism, By Abubakar Yahaya

NEWS DIGEST – The terrorist attack on Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand few weeks ago has come and gone. Leaving Millions of muslims in the West and across the globe terrified and devastated. This act of cowardice was carried out by a lone racist and white supremacist. Over the decades muslims had paid prices with their lives for crimes the never dream of committing.

Even history itself has shown how muslims had fallen victim to this pure act of terrorism.

This was as a result of different factors ranging from hate, media systemic fraud and of recently activities of people that proclaimed Islam and act contrary to the dictates of this fine faith.

The media has developed a methodology of manipulating above factors to falsely accused Muslim a crime they never commit. As Malcom X said ” the media has the capability to make the Oppressed an oppressor and vice versa.”

For many decades, Western media had focus it attention on given false representation and adulterated information about the Islamic culture. Which they are ignorant of or know nothing about Muslims. Capitalizing on the ignorance of it’s vast audience. All this happened as a result of Muslim absence in the media space. This act of media terrorism has birthed terror and false rhetorics. It releases unrelenting venom, that ultimately birthing attacks such as Christ church Mosque attack and other chaos in the Middle East.

It is neither early nor late for Muslims to seek a redress. Set up actions that would challenge and change these negative narratives about Islam. Muslim intellectuals in the west and beyond need to develop media methods that would counter, defend and present the truth to humanity.

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