Mount debunks ‘teacher’s pet’ claims at Chelsea

NEWS DIGEST – England and Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount has said there is no such thing as favoritism at Chelsea as he is focused on his football.

The 21-year-old has been a regular for Frank Lampard’s Chelsea despite a long list of competition in his playing position at Chelsea.

Mount who featured regularly for Lampard at Derby before he was appointed Chelsea manager, and he was asked if by reporters if he felt it was fair to be labelled a ‘teacher’s pet’.

“No, not at all,” Mount said. “I’m a player that wants to do their best for the team and work hard. And maybe people take that the wrong way, I don’t know.

“You see comments here and there. I’m not one to really look too much into social media and that side of it. I know it’s big in football now, especially when the fans are not at the stadium.

“I’m not really one to look too much into it. It doesn’t really bother me too much. The main focus for me is playing football.”

Mount is currently on international duty with England, and he is expected to feature along side teammates Ben Chilwell, Tammy Abraham and Recce James.