Mohammed Idris Malagi
Mohammed Idris Malagi

Fifty Five (55) Selling Points of Blueprint Publisher, Mohammed Idris Malagi (MIM)

1. His name is Idris Mohammed Malagi

2. He is an indigene of Malagi in present day Gbako Local Government. He is thus a bona-fide son of Zone A touted by zoning arrangement to produce the next governor for Niger state.

3. He is 55 years old, a middle age that is the bridge between the young and the old.

4. He is a new face, a breath of fresh air for a state that is currently chokking and gasping for a lifeline of fresh breath.

5. He is completely new kid in the block, a young Turk with vast experience of management of human and material resources.

6. He is light winged, not weighed down by any past political baggage and misadventures.

7. He is not flying anybody’s card…he is a break from the past and the distant light the good people of Niger state have been praying for in their daily supplications to God.

8. He had his primary education in Kontagora between 1971 and 1977. (If ever there is any Kontagora connection to the emerging political permutations, Idris is eminently qualified to tap from it.)

9. He had his secondary education at GSS Rijau between 1977 and 1982. (A good indication that Idris has some good knowledge of the remote part of Niger state because he once lived there.)

10. He had his first degree, BA English, at Usumanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto from 1983 to 1987.

11. He had his second degree, MA English, at Bayero University, Kano in 1995.

12. Idris Mohammed is a self made man who has grown to become the Chairman of the Bifocal Group, comprising five distinctive and competitive companies.

13. Idris Mohammed had a short stint as a Lecturer in the University. He left because his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to exercise his talent in communications and public relations sub sector.

14. He is an award winning Media mogul and Publisher. (He currently publishes Blueprint newspaper, Blueprint Weekend and Manhaja, its Hausa language version).

15. He is a tested manager of men and resources. He is Chairman of Bifocal Group with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

16. He is Chairman, Kings Broadcasting Limited (Owners of WE FM 106.3 Abuja.

17. He is Chairman, Abuja Property Development Company (APDC).

18. He is Chairman, Catnose Limited.

19. He is Secretary General, Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN).

20. He is Member, Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN).

21. He is Member, International Press Institute (IPI).

22. He is Member,  US based Online News Association.

23. He is Member, Northern Media Forum.

24. He is Member, Northern Broadcast Media Owners Association.

25. He is Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR).

26. He is a recipient, NIPR Presidential Special Recognition Award.

27. He was the Publisher of The Market, now rested monthly single theme magazine.

28. He is a Nupe traditional title holder with two dinstictive titles of Ka’kakin Nupe and Jagaban Muye.

29. Idris Mohammed is a seasoned Media and Public Relations Consultant.

30. Idris Mohammed is an humble, selfless and unassuming personality.

31. Idris Mohammed is a committed philanthropist with a foundation to boot- Mohammed Idris Malagi Foundation- tending to the needs of his people in the areas of education, health, agriculture and general social well being.

32. He is a man of great resources, an inevitable potential for any political leadership.

33. He lives in Abuja and knows the capital city like the palm of his hand. He knows that Niger state has not been able to exploit its comparative advantage as the closest neighbor to the capita city of the nation, an advantage in real economic and political terms.

34. He has vast knowledge in business, entrepreneurship and human capital development…knowledge that any serious state thirsting for development and self reliance should tap into.

(To be continued. This is a quick contribution to the 55th birthday anniversary of Idris Mohammed Malagi)

Mal Mahmud Zukogi is of the Department of English and Literary Studies, Bayero University, Kano.