Comrade Bello Shagari, NYCN President

NYCN Condemns Sowore’s ‘Revolution Now’ Protest

NEWS DIGEST  – The President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Bello Shagari has condemned the planned protest led by Sahara Reporters’ Publisher, Omoyele Sowore.

In a statement issued by the President and obtained by the Youths Digest, he said while he also wants a society that would be filled with change, the call for revolution is an extreme measure.

The full statement is reproduced below;


Recently, there have been calls by the founder of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore, for a #RevolutionNow. In a gathering on the 31st of July, he cited that there was no economic, political and social justice, hence the need for a revolution. I do not dispute with Mr.Sowore that Nigeria is not in the most perfect state. In my honest opinion, Nigeria has a long way to go in-terms of ensuring that there is justice.

Just like every single youth and adult in Nigeria, I dream of a Nigeria that works for all of us. I dream of a Nigeria where we will be able to elect competent and capable leaders without fear of violence. I dream of a Nigeria where protest will be seen as a civic duty rather than a death mission. I dream of a Nigeria where human rights are respected and the court in its full independence, is more than capable of ensuring that justice reigns supreme. I dream of a Nigeria where there is ‘economic, political and social justice’. That Nigeria can be a reality. But not via a revolution that takes to the streets of a country bedeviled by insecurity.

In 1966, a band of idealistic youths who were in their mid and late 20s decided that a revolution was the way to go. The repercussions of their actions are still felt today. Their intentions may have been pure, but the result was a disaster for Nigeria. Over the last 7 years, we have seen various waves of revolutions in the Middle East and parts of Africa where democratically elected persons are removed via ‘civil revolution’ and in their place, military officers install themselves. The result has not always been favourable for the citizenry.
I will like you all to recall the most recent events that happened in Sudan where we all cheered happily at the thought that a dictator had been removed, only for the Sudanese struggle to end in tears and blood. There is a thin line between civilian revolution and military usurpation of power.

The situation in the country is not only a dicey one, we are at our most volatile stage as a nation with killer herdsmen on the rampage, bandits and kidnappers as well as the rising anger of the Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria. We should also not forget that the Indigenous People of Biafra, the OPC and the Niger delta militants are not too far back, as they all seek means to end the unity of our nation.

To heed to Mr Sowore’s calls for a revolution will lead to a national disaster which we would not have anticipated or be able to recover from so easily.

The current state of Nigeria irks us all, but there are other ways to go about reforming our Nation so that it can be able to accommodate each and everyone of us. That one day our youth unemployment will be at an all time low, our health care sector performance at an all time high and our justice system will work for all.
Nigeria is our country, Nigeria is our home and we should work together to fix it, rather than be pushed to destroying it by persons who can easily fly out of the country should there be chaos and anarchy. I join all Nigerians in the call for better governance from our leaders, demanding accountability and clarity of affairs. To do this effectively, we need all hands-on deck. The government needs more of our support than revolt and we should be able to provide that through citizens engagement.

We want Discussions Not Revolutions
May God bless us all.

Bello Bala Shagari,
President, NYCN.