Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa blasts Reno Omokri for shaming divorcees

NEWS DIGEST – Former presidential aide Reno Omokri on his twitter page advised his followers to emulate natural beauty like the former first lady of Nigeria, Maryam Babangida rather than following ‘bleached divorcee slay queens’.

The Media celebrity gave a long response to the ‘divorcee shaming’ tweets as she feels the former special assistant could have praised a version of beauty without making the version inferior. She said:

“You can celebrate a version of beauty without putting another down, you don’t have to meddle in women’s business too. If you have a daughter I hope she gets the courage to never deal with a man as uncouth as you, stop with the misogyny.”

Reno Omokri believes women are beautiful with their natural melanin body. The former presidential aide feels the media has a role to play in projecting more natural beauties like the former first lady, Maryam Babangida. His tweets;

“Maryam Babangida was one of the world’s most beautiful women ever. We need the media to project more natural beauties like Maryam, instead of force feeding youths ‘stunning’ photos of bleached divorcee slay queens, with surgically enhanced bodies!

“This is a real beauty. Not useless people who corrupt the morals of our youth. From head to toe, nothing about you is real. Teaching our beautiful melanin endowed girls to hate their bodies, not knowing one hot towel can wipe away your fake beauty!”

Toke Makinwa claimed that she is less perturbed if Reno Omokri’s tweets were directed towards here, but she feels she can stand for ladies that have been shamed by ‘divorcee’ comments with her belief that the divorce shaming is projected at the female gender.

“I don’t care about shots intended my way, what I do care about is the group of women you singlehandedly insulted with your “Divorcee” comment, to divorce is not a crime, every divorced person has survived something and sometimes getting a divorce is the only option they have

“Enough with the divorce shaming of anyone, I don’t see a divorced man being shamed for living his life after his failed marriage, people like that clown are probably in unhealthy marriages too. God forbid I marry a man who tweets that kind of garbage, sighhh”

The News Digest earlier gave a brief report about the court order for Toke Makinwa to pay her ex-husband for defamation.